Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ocean Life!

We have enjoyed the spring break in Florida! We have seen so much ocean life this time- more than we have ever seen! It has been quite the science lesson for everyone!

We have no idea what this is! Does anyone else know? 9 legs?

This is a Florida fighting conch shell! They are so pretty and we have never seen so many on the beach at one time. They were all occupied so we threw many of them back in the ocean! (a second chance at life!)

A Fan Shell with it's owner!

They wanted to get back in the water asap!

A jelly fish! This one is dead but we caught one alive and named it peanut butter! It was a little one and we released it right away after showing everyone!

There were tons of sea stars!

We also saw dolphins, string rays, and sharks!

After that... we only swam in the pool!


Angie said...

Oh, you are so making me long for some sun and beach time! And who knew you'd be homeschooling at the ocean with all of that sea life!

Serving the King said...

Looks like such fun! Gracious I am going to have to find out where exactly you went in Florida, every time we head down there all we find on the beach are tourists! :) Sea stars are way cooler!

David and Sarah said...

Very fun science lesson!


Sally- That Girl! said...

That was better and less expensive than the aquarium!!!

Karen said...

Your nine legged friend is also a sea star--there are many varieties that have various numbers of legs.

Cari said...

oh...I can almost hear the the waves crashing and feel the warm sun on my skin! If I could be anywhere, the beach is definitely my favorite.

Sue said...

wild life science is the best....Awesome pictures

Sophie said...

Oh how I'm longing to be somewhere warn by the ocean right now.

Great photos!

Nancy said...

I'm so jealous! The furthest I got on spring break was Hinkley...woohooo!!

Glad you are having an enjoyable time. Nice photos too!


Laura L. said...

Wow, that 9-legged guy is something. Kind of creepy. :)
Have fun. Love the picture of Katie.

quilt-n-mama said...

HOw awesome!!!!
When we were in FLordia last fall we saw some neat things but we didn't see any of these big ones. We have a great little sea life guide, I'll go find it- it has that starfish- the big one with 9 legs in it but I can't remember what it is called! I love all your pictures, the kids loved looking at them too!

Motherbird said...

Wow! Love the pictures. What part of Florida did you stay in? We go to Sanibel Island every May, but this year we'll be in China!!

YAY!!! :)