Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday- April 8th, 2010!

So very thankful that our I-800 approval arrived and our NSV letter has been sent to GZ! PTL!! So thankful that these two precious girls are coming home in June! I can hardly wait!!

So thankful to be home for awhile! Next stop China!

This little one snuggled under my arm and then told me how good I smelled! Thankful for my deodorant!! She has such a good nose!!

Thankful that this big boy is finally feeling better! So much so that he no longer answers my phone calls! Let me just tell you I was getting a play by play- the ugly truth of the stomach flu just a mere 24 hours ago! Thank you for your prayers for him! He is doing so much better. It is so hard to be that far away when they are sick and in so much pain.

So thankful for this big boy! We went shopping for a suit for his birthday and his new job! He asked me "Now how do I wash this?" Isn't that the cutest thing you ever heard! Oh my honey, don't wash it!! Then we had the dry cleaning discussion! (We are going to have to teach him how to tie a tie! I don't think he will want to stop by home to have Dad do it every morning!!)

I am thankful for this little girl and her big smile! It is near impossible to get a smile out of her for a picture- she just happened to be having such a good time she couldn't help herself!

So thankful for to our Lord!


TanyaLea said...

Lots to be thankful for! I so appreciate the 'positive' outlook...I really need to focus on those things myself. Have a blessed weekend! <><

~ Tanya

Angie said...

So much for which to be thankful. How exciting that you'll be traveling in June to bring home your girls. That's the same month we met Laura...June 14th. It was a great time of year to be, hot, hot! Oh, and we got some rain each day that made the river in GZ overflow into the roads. Very funny watching everyone manuever around that!

Lori said...

Oh that's hilarious about washing the suit!! Tell him he can google 'how to tie a neck tie' and there are oodles of videos & step-by-step instructions online! Brenden has to do that every time he goes to a school dance!

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh Jean - I am so happy for you all! It is getting very close!! June will be here before you know it. Yippee Jesus!!

Janet and gang

P.S. Wow - you posted a lot since I checked a day ago! You have been busy!! :)

The Heald Family said...

yea!!! I am so excited to watch this on the blog:) I felt like we had kept up after 2 1/2 years of blogging when we were finally able to meet up again! What a gift!

soontobemomof9 said...

Woo-Hoo!!!! Progress! Praise God! You are sooo close! You sure have a smiley one coming home to you! :) I love it!

Hezra said...

Oh wow! such sweet things and people to be thankful for! Yep, the first suit. Big stuff. Your kids are so cute and handsome... cannot BELIEVE your girls come home in june!!

Serving the King said...

Love, love, love hearing about the in's and out's of the relationships between a mom and grown sons! Nothin quite like it I think! "How do I wash this?" Ha, crackin me up! That is too precious! They may be bigger and taller than us but I guess they never really stop needing us?!!

living4him5 said...

PTL things are moving for you and soon you'll be in China with your girls.

God bless,
Amy <><

Sophie said...

So thankful that these two lovelies will be with their forever family soon PTL!

Praying that June comes quickly

Karin said...

I love matching fun! Congratulations on your I800!!! Hooray!! Loved your Florida pictures--they are so beautiful.