Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hanging Out With The Family!

On weekends in the evening we hang out in the porch. One by one the children come and congregate. It is so nice that they seek us out to visit, to process the week, tell share and to ask for our opinion.

Anna is dong a dance in the middle of the room while we are visiting! Yes, she is our daily cup of cuteness!

Mark is such a good sport! Sarah fixed his hair!

Mark and Billy are enjoying the latest version of a back massage!

Sarah decided to join them! Good job, Anna!

You gals are wonderful! Thanks for making me feel so much better- it's nice to know I'm not the only one missing the invitations.

This last weekend our son Mark came home just to see the family. He had been away at school for quite a while and needed to reconnect. It warms a Momma's heart when her children want to come home and see us and the sibs!!

Once he got back to school he checked out my blog and then text me. Here is what he said-

Hey Mom, Just read ur newest post. I know u know this but I fully support and agree that we made the right choice as a family to adopt! Family is one of the few things that is concrete throughout life. Friends come and go but we will always need family. Thank the Lord for blessing me with such an amazing and big family! I love you!

Now isn't that sweet (and FYI he was the one I was momentarily irritated with- but we won't tell him that).

I know how I feel about adoption. It is a blessing to me to serve the Lord this way but the other night hubby was talking from his heart and oh my, I was all ears. To hear my ever loving husband speak for the orphans was like music to my ears. He basically said what all of you have been saying for a long time but to hear it from him- was oh, so good!

He just doesn't understand why most christian families don't reach out to at least one orphan. We sat there and did the math- there wouldn't be an orphan problem if they did. The children would all have homes. He then said it's about trusting God and reaching out of your comfort zone. It's about having faith in him to try something that feels a little scary BUT is so good and so blessed by God.

Now my hubby talks sport, he talks job market, he talks college courses, he can actually talk about anything with anyone but he doesn't often talk about God, about God's desires for us, about the needs of the orphans (that's usually more me)- so to have this conversation with him and have it come from him and from his heart was an answer to prayer!


Lori said...

Oh Jean!! This post totally made me cry! What an incredible family you have. That text from Mark...WOW, that must have made you burst with joy.

Love your heart, friend! And your familiy's heart!!

Keep plugging away. God is using you in gigantic ways!

Karen said...

Wow, what a wonderful text from an insightful young man. That had to make his mommas heart proud.

Sophie said...

Praise the Lord for answered prayer. That was a very touching message you received from your son it's a confirmation from the Lord that even if people abandon you and don't consider inviting you to their events that it's worth the loss if it means God is being glorified.

That massage by the way looks like it would relieve my aching back.

Stefanie said...

What a sweet reminder of how our Childrens hearts are forever changed
by adoption... that text from your son was proof that His plan is changing hearts for eternity :)
Thank you for sharing :)
PS we NEVER get invited anywhere... thank goodness I'm such a homebody or it might bother me ;)

Pam said...

Ahhhhh I just love what your son told you, Jean. Throughout my kids' teen years, I have drilled into them the "friends come and go, but family is forever" theme and they finally get it now, too. Love that! I think that adopting our littls has been the best thing we could have ever done for our "bigs". A side benefit that I never had expected when we first started this journey.

Sally-Girl! said...

So thankful for your recent conversations!!!!

My heart just melts when I hear hubby talking about orphans and our Father!!! He and Jim are very similar with their other talks as well!!!

Love ya so much friend!!

Karin said...

SOOOO awesome that your son read your blog and then texted you that sweet response. Ahhhhh.... My son sent me a text the other day along similar lines and it was oh-so-sweet. God is good. :)