Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Intruders!

The other day I was in the kitchen. The girls were at the counter having lunch and I heard someone come in through the mudroom, but who could it be? Everyone else was where they were supposed to be?
Guess who learned how to open the gate and then brought her younger sister with her? Yep, the red head! The blonde... she's just along for the ride!

The next day we were running errands and came home to you know who on the other side of the gate. She was caught red handed with a pair of dirty socks in her mouth, I might add!

Yes, it's true our dogs live a dogs life. No eating off the tables, no comfy Mommy and Daddy beds at night, no drinking out of the toilet bowl... it is what it is, they know nothing more and they are happy.

Well at least I thought they were happy, until they started breaking into the house, eating off the counter, stealing dirty socks and underwear- maybe I don't know what dog happy is?


Sue said...

boy they are one smart cookie....
How are you allergies doing with it?

julie said...

They are so cute! I especially like all the white on "the red heads" face-she's beautiful. How old is she?

Sophie said...

How funny. Our dog leads a dog life too, nothing glamourous for our doggie.

Ted said...

Too funny! It's a toss up at our house who disturbs our good-night's rest more - our little boys or our elderly dogs! Some nights it's both!! :)

Janet and gang

Lori said...

That is so hilarious, Jean!!!!!

Laura L. said...

That's pretty funny. I can just see them sneaking out of their room. Ha ha.
"Mommy, guess what we learned how to do!"

Karin said... dogs!! Funny to me but probably not so funny to you. :) Our dog has been really naughty this week, too.

living4him5 said...

Very cute!!!

Praying for that TA!!!

Amy <><

Jboo said...

Funny -- but they look so innocent!!

Hope you and your family have a great weekend!


Mark said...

If you start to mind it, they can definitely stay with me downtown this summer!!

Your son,