Saturday, May 8, 2010

Page 144

I got an email yesterday from my friend Pam! She told me to check out the S*nlight catalog page 144.

I have a couple of the catalogs and have looked through them for curriculum ideas and plan to order some of their read alouds.

I was shocked when I turned to page 144 and there was our Sarah hugging her box of S*nlight P 4/5 curriculum!

I had sent in a pic of her early last fall but never heard back from them. I thought it was a cute picture so I decided to give it a try! She was so genuinely happy to get her books, it was a great photo opportunity!

Thanks Pam for letting me know that Sarah was in the catalog!!

Sarah is thrilled, she loves looking at her picture!!

Check it out if you have the catalog!!


Serving the King said...

Well how stinkin cute is that?!! Yay Sarah!! Love it!

Lori said...

Oh that's so great!! What a darling picture, indeed!! Ummm, I'm thinkin' a modeling career might be around the corner. :)

Love it!!

Pam said...

What a fun surprise for me to spot your girl in the Sonlight Catalog!

The Heald Family said...

how much fun to have Sarah's pic in there!
I loved getting those boxes in the mail:)
love .....Cathy

Hezra said...

oh my gosh!! I had it and had pored over what I thought was every single page!! I had missed her picture!! SHE IS SO cute! I am excited for you and your lil' model. We are loving S*nlight too!

Anonymous said...

such a model! so pretty!! love the pure joy on her face.

Karen said...

Awwww. How wonderful that she was so excited about her school books. I'll have to look in our catalog.

David and Sarah said...

That is so fun! It IS a great picture!


Anonymous said...
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quilt-n-mama said...

I love the picture! Our kids get so excited when our Sonlight box arrives too:)
Have a great Mother's Day!

Sally-Girl! said...

Once an orphan, now a beautiful model for Christian curriculum with a family!!!! Can't get much better than that!!

Sue said...

Cute picture. What a nice surprise for both of you.

Kim said...

What a cute picture!! I just love Sonlight!! We have been using that curriculum for 6 yrs now. It just keeps getting better.
Our kiddos love "box day" is like Christmas all over again.

Janet and Kevin said...


I have also read it and missed her picture! How cute it is! We just have had our Sonlight curriculum for next year delivered. When the FedEx driver delivered it, Philip was jumping up and down. He hasn't even done it before but knew he was excited anyway!

Janet and gang