Sunday, May 2, 2010

Please Help!

This is Abbey. What a beautiful girls she is! Her mom, Leah is planning to go to China in one week from today- yep, only 7 more days. Abbey is aging out and they need to get her home. They have been asking for donations but still need $8,000 more to cover their travel costs. Please consider donating to help this dear family bring home their daughter.

Leah's blog is Lovin' the Plan (isn't that a great name for a Jesus lovin, adoption lovin, family lovin blog!)

This is Khloe! She is so cute! Khloe's mom Tanya will be traveling to China to meet her new daughter and bring her home. They leave in about 10 days!
Tanya is having a fundraiser so their are prizes to be won- woohoo!
Please help Tanya and her family bring home their adorable little girl.

What an incredible opportunity this is for us to serve the Lord and to share in the joy of seeing children being united with their forever family!

Please check out their blogs!


soontobemomof9 said...

Wish my adoption was done so I could help financially, but I have gotten darned good at prayer! I will pray for them!

One of my favorite blog names if I was to change mine was....

"Choosing Bold Over Mild" :)

Anonymous said...
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