Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Waiting for ...

We are waiting for...
-our last update on the girls and praying for pictures.
-our TA to arrive!!
-to see Johnny soccer game this evening- if they win, it will be his biggest soccer accomplishment so far and his team will represent our state in regions in Ohio the end of June. Which is during the time we should be in China- we will need to evaluate the timing of all these very important events...
-to make plane reservations. The seat are filling up fast- and we need 5 and 7 seats together. In the past we have managed to trade seats with people to get together but on an international flight, who's going to give up their aisle seat for us...
-to make China travel plans, get CA and a gotcha day!
-to plan anything for the month of June and early July.
-to find out if the girls get their last gift- cakes to celebrate with their friends.
- to get our finding ad on our daughters from Brian Stuy research- it's been ordered!
- to find out if we need to wait to travel since our local background accidentally expired, we have resubmitted but are waiting to find out if this will slow our China travel down since it takes 3-5 weeks to get done- breath, breath, think happy thoughts...

Yes , I feel like my whole life is on hold, it is all about waiting, we are waiting, everybody is waiting. So yesterday as I was enjoying my day- I heard the song "I will worship while I'm waiting". Yes, that is what I will do, that is the most productive thing I can do and I kinda think he was givin me a big ole' hint. It seems so fitting and I had already started this post before hearing the song. He knows my thoughts, he knows my heart and he gave me a little direction. Thanks Lord!

Oh my- you all are so kind! What a day maker to have birthday wishes coming in throughout the day! I had a fabulous day. There was a coffee for ladies I used to do a bible study with for many years. I am never able to go to the coffees because I have the girls but the night before my Wednesday sitter called and mentioned switching Wednesday for Tuesday - I was all on board! It was so good to see the ladies. I am the younger one of the group- ha! When they found out it was my b-day (okay, yes I told them), they sang Happy Birthday to me- it was so sweet and they have beautiful voices! One of my dearest friends husband has cancer and she was also there- it was so god to see here, visit and let her know we have been praying for their family! I just knew God orchestrated the whole thing!

We had a family dinner in the evening! Such blessing, such a wonderful day! My heart is bursting with gratitude to our dear Heavenly Father!

Pics coming soon!


Serving the King said...

Well gracious!! That just made me excited looking at all of the fun things coming up for you and your family!! Yay!!!

living4him5 said...

I was just praying for my list of families waiting for TA's, I know yours will come soon!!!!

Amy <><

Karin said...

Happy Birthday!! So glad you had such a great day! I love the "worship while I'm waiting" song. I agree--a productive way to wait. Sigh...waiting is so hard... Big hugs!!

Sue said...

So newsy and so much happening in the next month....Glad you had a wonderful birthday

The Brekke said...

I was just passing through and I just want to say that your blog is amazing! I am a seminary student currently doing relief work in Cambodia and have worked with foster children in the US and can say that more families with as much love as yours need to open their hearts and arms to adoption.

Christ is really moving through your family and it's a joy to have been able to read about it. I will keep all your adoptions in my prayers. May God bless your whole family with His love, peace and joy!


Kathy said...

So happy you had a nice Birthday!

I remember the holding pattern as
we waited to go get our daughter.
We were in limbo for almost 4 months.
It was so hard and then not leaving until
Dec. and coming home a week before
Christmas! It was so crazy.
I so relate to what you are going
through! It is so hard.
Praying for you!
I posted something on waiting on
my blog a couple days ago from
a devotional I read. I hope it will encourage
you through the wait.