Monday, May 24, 2010

What A Week(end)!

Johnny was confirmed and Billy was his sponsor! Congratulations Johnny!

We went to the carnival at Katie's school! The girls had a blast! Since we are homeschooling it's a nice little perk to be able to go to this! In the pic they are doing the cake walk.

Anna won!! In my day we won homemade cakes! Now they get packaged H*stess products...

The kids loved the games and activities! Golf may not be in her future but she sure is a cutie trying to putt!

Devan and Billy volunteered to help with the event! He had been volunteering at the school as part of his graduation requirements. The kids in Katie's class just loved him! Katie went home after the carnival - very sick. She sure looks good for being very sick. It ended up being strep throat- she had a miserable rest of her weekend. How do I know? Because being her Momma I got the pleasure of getting at 2:30 am call- just so she could tell me how miserable she was. I handled it well and was appropriately concerned and motherly.

The girls love cotton candy!! They don't get it much but we decided to indulge them!

Billy graduated from the University of St Thomas this weekend! He had a very successful 4 years at college and now he has a job in the area! I had to mention the 4 year thing because he is our first 4 year graduate! WooHoo!!

Of course you can pick him out... right? It took us most of the ceremony to find him!

Then we got to view it on the big screen! Cozy isn't it? They should just video it and sent me a copy!

Billy and his girlfriend Kelly!

Congratulations honey! We are so proud of you!

Every time Anna sees the big kids she asks "Can I play with you phone?" The family celebrated Billy's big day! Except for Katie, who was home sick.

Next day it was a huge soccer game for JOhnny! Here are a couple of the fans! They do great as long as we bring snacks!

Future soccer player?

They won after double overtime and in a shootout! Now they have one more game left in the tournament. If they win it they will go to Regions in Ohio! WE would love to go and watch but were not quite sure how it can possibly work out with our imminent China travel. We will see? maybe we will be in Ohio with our 4 lovely daughters!! That would be awesome!


Faye Verquer said...

I live in Ohio....where is the game being played?

Your kids are precious, I enjoy reading about each one of them and it encourages me that I will be able to handle the various ages/stages or my kiddies! Thank you for sharing your family.

Serving the King said...

Gracious girl! Sleep much?!! You weren't kidding what a weekend!! Looks like fun all around!

Pam said...

Wow! I would say that's quite a weekend!!!!!

Laura L. said...

Great things are happening in your family! Congratulations to both Billy and Johnny on their great achievements. Wonderful news.

This is a wonderful post.

Sally-Girl! said...

Congrats on the 4 year college degree and JOB!!! You definitely had a busy weekend! I am exhausted just reading about it, but it is that time of year!

This week for me is CRAZY as a teacher and having an 8th grade graduate!

Take care, see ya soon!!!!