Saturday, June 26, 2010

China Travel - ROLL CALL again!

Since we are traveling one week later than we hoped I thought I would try again to find more families traveling at the same time!

If you know of anyone traveling to China (that hasn't left yet) or if it is you- please let me know!!

I will add your blog to my sidebar!! I will also hopefully see you in China and give you a huge hug!

I'm feeling a little bit like the party is happening without me (right now in China) so I would love to hear from you!! We will make our own fun! (and support group)

Thank You Jesus!


Sue said...

Miss coming to play groups on Friday and you were close to my place.
I am sure there will be lots of people travelling when you do and I hope you find them. It will be a huge adjustment with all of you in china, but you guys are all strong and will make it.

Sally-Girl! said...

Now don't be going making new friends and ditching your old ones just because we missed each other by 12 hours!! At least we will be in the same country at the same time together!!!

Blogging Friend said...

I will not be going to China but I sure am glad that you are. LOL!!
Have you figured out away for you to blog while you are there? I cannot wait to see those beautiful little girls in your arms.

You know I was looking at the pictures you have of Emma and Ellie and I really bet that Ellie is not more than 5-6yrs old. She just looks younger than they are reporting. I wish they would open up and tell when their real birthdates are. Maybe they honestly do not know. Poort things!

I have a feeling little miss Anna is just having China anxiety going on. Hopefully when you guys get there and they both realize you are not going to leave them that they will be okay. Also Anna may all of a sudden be worrying over having to share you guys with 2 more sisters too.

PLEASE PLEASE figure out a way to blog. LOL!!


Travel said...

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Sammy said...

Annette will be there with us Also, Chris