Friday, June 4, 2010


Wouldn't it be fun to know of everyone that is traveling to China in June and July. I feel like I am hearing of so many families that have just gotten their TA or are waiting for it (me).

If you are traveling or you know of another family that will be traveling to China soon please leave a comment! I would like to know-
The name of their Blog!
The travel dates if they have them!

If you don't have all that info- give me what you have and I'll check it out!

I will list them here on the sidebar of my blog so we can have fun following their journey!

(BTW- please keep praying for our TA- Thank you!)


Michele said...

That's a great idea Jean! We are currently waiting for our TA as well, and if it comes by June 21st, we will most likely travel July 8th. If not then then probably July 29th.

Obviously, those dates are not set in stone, but it is looking like that could be it for us! I hope by the time we travel, you are already home with your sweet girls! Anyway, I'll be praying for you guys!


jan said...

we are china bound baby!!! our travel dates are june 18 - july 4 (CA is june 30). our TA came 6/2.

thanks jean for doing this and requesting prayer :)

Sally-Girl! said...

Go ahead and our stat's you know them and you can use for the blog CA July 6th

Pam said...

Great idea, Jean! We received TA on 6/2. We leave 6/10. CA 6/30 and HOME 7/4! (traveling to 2 provinces for 2 children)

And you KNOW I am praying for your TA.

Rhonda said...


We are leaving June 24 and returning July 10th. We are adopting Janelle from Zhenjiang! Our website is I sure hope your TA shows up soon! I thought today as gonna be your day! I will pray for peace as you wait it out these last few days.


The Thomas Crew said...
Our Article 5 will be picked up Monday and then we will begin our wait for TA (Agency says 3 to 4 weeks). I love following your blog.

Sammy said...

I love this idea. Our Article 5 was issued on 5- 20 and taken to CCAA on 25. So I'm at about 2 weeks into it. Also, my friend Teri got her TA with the "big 12." I think it took her about 16 days. She doesn't have a blog yet, but you can meet Teri here or under WEDDING WEEKEND. It is on my blog Teri and I are traveling together

julie said...

Thanks, Jean, for such a great idea! I love following along as these wonderful children meet their forever families.

Things with our adoption are moving along-our final home study visit is Monday!!! Then we just need for our social worker to put it all together and we will be DONE! I know it's only one step in the process, but it is one step closer to our little girl!!!

Mom Of Many said...

So very thrilled that you are heading to China to bring the girls home...Yippee Jesus! Can't wait to see you with them...praying you there and back.

文佩齊華 said...
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KO said...

Thanks for doing this. We are still months away from our daughter, so watching others have successful journeys give us hope that it will happen.

We pray your TA comes quickly.

Amy said...

Whoa! Jean, the last time I saw your blog was during your journey to sweet Anna...A LOT has happened since then! Congratulations on your beautiful, growing family!!!

My friend, Chandra, sent me the link to your new blog because we are also a China-bound family. Our travel dates are June 24 - July 9. Our daughter is precious little 3 year old Ruby from Guangdong Province.

This is such a fun idea. I hope that we will get to meet you and all of the other families in China during this same period...I am definitely looking forward to following everyone's journeys!

Praying your TA will arrive very soon!

Every best wish,

roomforatleastonemore said...

Jean, I am so sorry about your TA. I get it believe me. We first saw our son Joel in March 2009, same as when you saw your girls. Weary is the only word to use. And you know what, it is OK to blog that and to feel that.

I truly believe it is.

We are leaving a week from tomorrow, June 17 and will return July 2 with our two boys, ages 10 and 5, waiting in Chongqing Province.

I would love to hug your neck in GUZ!

LORD, please move the paperwork off a desk and on to the agency so Jean and her family can bring these girls home!