Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Day Brightener!

We sent the girls 2 cakes and a few gifts hoping they would be able to celebrate with some of their friends and foster family (Ann @ Red Threads). We were so blessed to get a couple pics of them with their cakes.

I have this feeling that the girls are hesitant and scared. I can see it in their faces. The closer it gets, the more apprehensive they get. I think Ellie (younger sister on right) is smiling through it all, I think that is how she reacts to stress. Emma (older sister on left) is not sure what to make of all this, she looks quiet and reserved. Our daughters have been through so much in their short lives. So many huge changes for them- we will be their 3rd family.

I want to wrap my arms around them and never let go. I want to let them know their journey will soon be done- no more changing families. Their forever family is waiting to come and get them.

I look forward to starting the long and rather awkward process of becoming a family. I am sure they will be shocked at how we look. We are not Chinese and we are unfamiliar in every way to them. Hopefully they have looked at their photo albums and they will somewhat recognize us. Sarah did when she saw us through the picture window on gotcha day.

So many questions enter into my mind. Will this journey be easier or harder or just different. How will siblings differ from a single child adoption. Will having Sarah and Anna help the girls adjust? How will they grieve?
The questions go on and on. Soon enough, we will have our answers and believe me I will be sharing our experience with you!

Please pray that our TA arrives soon!


Lori said...

What a sweet picture of your girls enjoying their cake. I'm sure they were very excited to get it!

I know how hard it is for you to wait and wait...and wait. But don't forget that God is so very good and won't let you wait a single minute longer than He permits.

Cling to Him. He loves you AND your girls more than you can ever imagine.

Love you, friend!!

Shonni said...

I am praying for ya'll and for them! They need to get home where they can begin the healing process, still I know that the LORD can begin that process in their tender hearts now. May they even now be enabled by His Spirit to receive the love of the forever family!

Pam said...

Oh, what a day brightener! We have been SO disappointed that our last 2 packages to each of our children have not resulted in any photos or updates. Sigh....
I am praying for your TA to come SOON! And mine as well!

So many questions....like you, I am just ready to get started becoming a family.

The Heald Family said...

How exciting to get that picture!
Praying it comes soon so you can take off for China!

David and Sarah said...

Such a precious picture of your girls.

Praying that they will be home soon!


Nicole A. said...

So nice to have pictures! I'm sure that keeps you going. I am really praying for your TA to get there SOON!

I have no clue what their lives must be like, or how they are trying to comprehend what is ahead of them. But being apprehensive seems like a pretty natural reaction, especially since they are old enough to really sense that change is coming. I pray that the transition for them is as smooth as it can be, and for you all as well!

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

From the Erben Gang..... said...

Love the photo! I agree about your thoughts re: their personalities. They have no idea how loved they will be! Soon......

Sally-Girl! said...

Praying for OUR TA's to come on the same day!!!! Now that would just be a little short of amazing!!! I believe that is the plan!!!! Let's plan for Monday so we are not disappointed for the weekend!!!

Loving you and can't wait to do China with ya again and okay again!!!!!!

Angie said...

So sweet. No doubt, they're wondering what on earth is about to happen. I know you can't wait to hold them forever! As for our science, I bought the butterfly kit for $15.00 on Amazon. The kids love it! Otherwise, it's a canning jar to hold their critters!

Janet and Kevin said...

Jean - how precious they are! Praying for all of your questions to be answered and knowing that God will lead you as you help them heal.

Janet, Kevin, Ted,Philip, and Elijah

Jboo said...

Oh my -- how sweet is that! Praying for all you too and that you are able to wrap your arms around them very soon!


quilt-n-mama said...

Praying for your TA, your girls and your family as you prepare for this journey. What a long journey coming home, always remember that God has chosen them and made your home theirs... What grace and mercy He will provide!
This picture is beautiful, praying for their hearts as life changes for them!

Susan A said...

hi Jean,
I came across your blog today, and wanted to let you know that I am praying that the two girls will sense your love for them, so that it will ease their anxiety and grieving (if any).
Praying that everything will go smoothly and that our Saviour will abundantly give you and your family wisdom.

P.S. I saw the bedroom pictures, and they are sooooo cute! :) you do have a taste for design and colours :)

Anonymous said...


rarejule said...

Praying your TA arrives soon!!

Laura L. said...

Hi! This is an awesome photo of the girls. It's really sweet.
I am so happy for you all and what a blessing for you that travel is coming soon.
So many will be praying for the girls and for the transition. That is the best!
Yep, soon you're going to have your questions answered and your girls will be YOURS. Exciting!!!!!

Wife of the Pres. said...

I am so right there with you Jean on all of the thoughts you are having and with our older guy, we will be his third family too. *tears*

I REALLY hope we get to meet up with you and Pam in China! Wouldn't we all be a hoot at Lucy's?!?!

Come on TAs!!!

Kathy said...

Such a sweet picture of your girls!
Praying for God to prepare their
hearts for the changes coming.