Monday, June 28, 2010

Moving On Over??

We have tried to get the computer working for blogger but have failed. We will continue to work on it. I am losing hope at this point. I had hoped to have it all set up so when we left I would understand what I was doing. I know that many say it is easy BUT nothing on the computer is easy for me. I was also hoping that daughter Katie would be so driven to be on facebook that she would have it all figured out. I guess maybe the fact that she can't be on FB is a good thing!?! What do ya think Kate?

Next time we travel to China we will have our own website- unblocked!! BUT for now I am moving over to "Journey to Me"- once you get there click on Adoption Journals. Our journey is public so just look for Journey to Emma Joy and Ella Mei! That's our girls!!

I just have to ask for your help with this!! I am downloading Christian music onto my nano and I cannot find a song that I need to bring. It sounds like an Irish ballad with the bag pipes playing- It starts out "In Christ the Lord... I NEED to bring it with me- I love it and it speaks to my heart! I cannot seem to find it in the itunes store and I don't really know the official name of the song or who sings it.?! Can YOU help me?

It has been interesting preparing for this journey! Already we have had a plethora of feelings going on at our house. I'm sure it does have a lot to do with adding two girls BUT it also has a lot to do with breaking the home routine. Mom is getting ready for China and not able to do the usual schedule- that alone throws them off. Honestly, once we get on the plane we will be just fine. The waiting will be over, the long awaited China trip will have arrived! Oh yes and we will have new challenges! Bring them on!

Praise the Lord!!


Anonymous said...
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Jerry and Christy said...

I think you might be looking for the song "In Christ Alone."
Looking forward to following your trip and will be praying for you.

Laura L. said...

I was also wondering if it is In Christ Alone.

Here it is on YouTube, and you can see if this is the version of the song you want.

It has the bagpipe sound and is sung by Adrienne Liesching and Geoff Moore

Sally-Girl! said...

you simply have to get witopia working. It works great here and is super duper wasy to use here. Just the click of one button literally and you have access to all the internet not just what China wants you to see!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Can hardly wait!! We did another journal too when we went because I couldn't figure out how to get blogger to work. It was, and we resumed our family website once home.

Counting down the days with you!!

janet and gang

Rebecca said...

I, too, was wondering if you were looking for "In Christ Alone." I have 3 different versions in my iTunes. The ones sung by men do not sound so much like an Irish Ballad, but the one sung by Natalie Grant totally does! It is off her CD titled "Relentless."

Kim said...

We are looking forward to following your journey. Praying for you and your girls and for their transitions. You will have so much fun in Nanning and Guilin. We wish we were going with you...thanks for letting us follow along vicariously.
Kim and Mandy(a7/30/10Guilin,Guanxi PRC)