Friday, June 18, 2010

Sweet Little Signs of God! A Thankful Thursday Post!

Two simple sweet signs of God!

And two more!! Thank You Jesus!

I just love it when throughout my day I see our God at work touching lives. Often times it is just the little things- but it is the little things that are so sweet and so comforting! How wonderful to know that our God is near!

The other day I was zipping down the freeway (I was not speeding just zipping). I pulled into the right lane because I was nearing our exit when it cam over me that the car next to me may need to get into my lane. I looked over and it was a sweet elderly couple (every elderly couple reminds me of my parents- that have passed away). He did not have his signal on but I felt like I should slow down and give him room, just in case. Sure thing he changed lanes and exited with me. I just felt like- thanks God for letting me know!

A couple days ago I was running errands. You know the "to do" list before going to China. Many things make it on that list even when they are not necessary to get done- this was one of them! We had a lamp that was broken- it needed to be fixed and the local electrical repair shop near us closed so I had to find a new one. I knew the general area it was in but not exactly and couldn't find the address. I drove over to that little town and figured I would find it. That was a mistake ... once I was there I knew it would be very hard to find, I couldn't even remember the name. I pulled over into a parking lot and skimmed through my calendar and notebook- nothing. I said a little prayer and felt a bit foolish. As I was about to back out I looked to my right- there was an electrical repair shop, it was the one I was looking for- thank you God!!

We have felt God's hand regarding the situation with our yard and the fact that our neighbor was trying to take it through adverse possession. I buried St Benedict medals in the property and have been praying over it- for peace and resolution. God came at just the right time and told us to retreat. He then came again at just the right time and placed someone in our lives to help us with the issue. He is a wonderful person and lawyer who specializes in real-estate law. He was an old friend of Hubbies that we had not connected up with for about 20 plus years. It is no longer being handled through unreasonable emotions but instead fairly through the legal system. We are at peace with that. Hubby and I are choosing to serve the Lord other ways and now we no longer have to worry about this- praise the Lord for bringing appropriate people into our live for situations like this.

Lately I feel like I have asked a lot of people to pray for us regarding various situation. The prayers have brought us such comfort and we have felt the hand of God a long the way. This last week a I have had the privilege to pray for others in need. I am so grateful to God and honored to pray for them. Please let me know if you have a prayer request.

We would have loved to travel the week earlier but things just didn't work out. During a meeting with our agency I felt the hand of God. It was a moment of peace that came over me- I knew that God was sending us to China, but in his perfect timing not mine. It felt good to know HE was in control. Some of the burden of trying to do everything right was lifted because it was out of my hands and in his. Although we will miss seeing some incredible wonderful families we are traveling at a time that God has chosen for us. It also worked very well for Hubby and his business and his bonus came in just in time to pay for our flights and the orphanage fee. We would have been gnawing on our nails had it come this close with earlier travel dates. Thank you God for your perfect timing!

As little challenges arose I found myself missing my sweet Momma even more. I wanted to talk to her, to share and to process the events over the last couple months. God occasionally brings my parents to me in my dreams- I love it when he does that. It is so deliberate on his part and I know he orchestrates it- praise him! I got a bonus visit yesterday! Kate and I were shopping- getting ready for China and there at the store was my Mom's best friend! We hugged and chatted and talked about how much we both missed her and wanted to talk to her. My Mom was a great listener and would chat to us about things that others might find silly or uninteresting. This was again orchestrated by Him! This is not the mall near her home and she was in the G*P, not a store you would expect to find her in- it was surreal and wonderful! After parting the tears wanted to flow- I knew God held me together during our visit. Thank you Jesus for that incredibly special moment!

Are you seeing God in simple sweet things throughout your day? I hope so! Look for him, he is there!!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love the reminder. Needed that- it's been a long week. So crazy what we miss when we don't think about it or ask God.

Hezra said...

So so glad for all the big and small things God is doing in your life. I appreciate your prayers for my need and the emails of encouragement. Things are not greatly improved, but I do feel like God is showing me it is in HIS hands. Not mine. And that my dreams are not forgotten. And that he is healer of broken hearts. So I am just reading, praying and resting(or trying to!) and waiting to see what HE will do. I have seen a few more moments of peace this week, and for the chaos life has been THOSE are praise reports of what God is doing. I am trying desperately to see good in every thing. It is not an easy thing for me. But thank you sweet sister for sharing and praying!

Faye Verquer said...

Thank you for the Reminder, much needed. Im struggling with some things right now and felt the need to read your post with even a million things to be done right NOW! So I know that was a "God Thing"! Thank you again.


Chad and Kristy said...

Jean, such a sweet post! God is so amazing and I thank Him for putting people like you in my life. When we were fasting and praying over Luke I had asked for prayer about my husband Chad's job. I SOOOOO want him to be off on the weekends so he can go to church with us. Well, he made it to the final 3 but did not make it. We were crushed but tried to remind our selves "His will not ours". We are now waiting on an answer from a college closer to home. Praying this is the door the Lord chooses to open for us so we can worship together as a family once more. Thank you for your post. My mind just needed to be redirected on Him today.

God Bless,

Laura L. said...

Absolutely! It is wonderful to give God credit for all of the little ways He helps us and directs us, or blesses us.
We are so blessed to serve Him and have our lives touched by Him each day.
Even when things don't work out quite how we'd prefer, we know that in ALL things He is working for us and has a great plan.
Great post, Jean.

Melanie said...

Thank you for your wonderful post. My prayer request is for a fundraiser that we will have next weekend. Please be in prayer that we will get sponsor to pay for our booth and that the fundraiser will be successful. The money that we raise will help us with our adoption. We are adopting a 6 yr old little girl from China.

Janet and Kevin said...


Such a sweet post. I am sorry you miss your mom. We are feeling that too about my dad as we near Father's Day!

Such wonderful messages from God during your week - what a blessing!

We had a wonderful time in our VBS this past week sharing about Philip's China home - the Philip Hayden Foundation. The children and other generous folks raised enough money to fund three, possibly four, lip repair surgeries for precious orphans in the PHF children's village and an additional $400 for baby formula! God is so awesome. you should have seen the way all of the children of VBS were working to earn those funds!

Love to you and your family-
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Elijah

Adeye said...

Oh He is just sooooooo good, my friend. I love how he is bringing such comfort to your heart. I miss my mom too...I so know how you feel.

You are getting so close to bringing your treasures home. So close. I can hardly wait to follow along.

LedaP said...

Great post, I often am hoping for my mom to be sent to me as well - I miss her terribly...but feel she is watching along this whole process. Sometimes her presence is so strong, I just look up and say, "OK mom - I hear you!!" :)

Anonymous said...
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Sue said...

God is wonderful, I was saying a lot of prayers this past week for many different people including you guys. It is amazing how he gives you a ray of sun when you are needing one and don't always know it.