Friday, June 25, 2010

The Zoo, The Ants, A Storm and Preparing for China!

This morning we went to the local zoo with our FCC play group! We had a wonderful time with the families! They are all excited to meet Emma and Ellie once we get home! I am trying to do fun things along with preparing to go but it is challenging. The summer will fly by! We have had a rainy month of June and July will be getting the girls in China and getting home. August is often getting ready for school. At this point I want to just close the suitcases and hop on a plane! Soon I will post our itinerary!

So ya know I posted about sticky girl and the ants. We called in our local exterminator- it may have been over kill because the day I made the phone call they stopped visiting us (the ants that is). Well, he came out 2 days later- his idea was to make the ants a lovely meal of sugar, dog food, and poison for them to chow down on. Of course they now have completely disappeared instead of enjoying their gourmet meal. We of course are left with sugar, crumbled dog food and poison on our floor. We have dogs and children- not a good combo with the poison. I am supposed to leave it for 3 weeks... I think not... I'll try it for 2 more days then it's getting cleaned up...

Packing... oh my... I think I need to just shut the suitcases. I am second guessing myself over and over again. We have now added another suitcase filled with the gifts, the girls backpacks, snacks and things for us "to do". I may be getting carried away!

Today I brought Anna into the pediatrician to have her ears checked. Is it wrong of me to say, I was actually hoping she had an ear infection? It would have explained "why" she has been so whiney lately. Her ears looked great- no ear infection! I think both Sarah and Anna are nervous to go to China. They have loved everything about it from afar, but now, China is staring them in the face and I think they want to run the other direction.

I am guessing we will be having many challenges during our time in China. I really appreciate the honesty of the families that are there now. It is a wake up call to me - this will not be easy. We will be a family "full of feelings"! (I will be posting more on this in the near future)
I am concerned about the heat, the fears and the attitudes. We tried to talk about it this evening, they were fine with the talk but then Anna didn't want to go to bed (that never happens) - we may not be talking much about it for the next 5 days. Sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do! So China, here we come ready or not!!

This week we have had people working on our landscaper. They did a beautiful job and we have admired it for the last 24 hours! Of course at the 24 hour mark came a horrific storm. Golf ball size hail, torrential rains, 50 mile an hour winds, trees down, along with tornado warnings and sirens blaring! The landscaping is not quite what it was... bummer... we are a little disappointed but it is a good reminder to have our priorities in the right place. Our family is fine, no one was hurt!
Oh well, the landscaping will be okay and perked up by the time we get home from China!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

If you put corn meal out where the ants are they will eat it, but can't digest it....and they die :) This is what we use here at the camp where we have our dog, and many people's children :) Safe and effective.

We are definitely praying for you ALL!!!! It will be full of emotions, but it will also bring healing! I am crying out to God for both, and for strength to overcome and for God to reign victorious!!!! Whatever happens, know we are praying, and God is with you - ALWAYS!!!!

klm said...

i love the glorified sidewalk!!

Sally-Girl! said...

It will be what it will be in China and you will gracefully deal with whatever happens. The best part is all your Chinese daughters are together!

Have to say the rain today has been miserable!!! Bring umbrellas or buy them cheap here like we did!

Janet and Kevin said...


I am with you on liking the honesty of the posts of those in China right now, especially the families adopting two children at one time! As you know because you have been through it before, it can be rough. As you know as well, God will be with you every step of the way and we all will be praying like crazy back in the states.

Janet and gang

Shonni said...

So much is going on, huh. I am praying for you all and thinking of you!!!!

Dawn said...

I think it is good to prepare for every for what ever you can prepare for to happen with your new girls. But you will always get some thing "new" no matter what. God will go before you and it will be a time of stretching and growing for you all and that is fine. God is with you all! He gives good gifts! Bless you sweet sister...

Laura L. said...

Great pictures of the kids at the zoo. Alan loved the top picture. I don't even have mine off my camera yet. Bad blogger!
I love the new pics of your girls in the post below. They are adorable.

I will keep all of you in prayer in the coming weeks. Let us know what you need specific prayer for. We'll miss you guys, and can't wait to meet your newest family members.