Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Day Down!

Today we went to the follow up medical appt- the girls were negative for TB.

We had the rest of the day to ourselves- we hardly new what to do with all that time. Starting to look forward to going home and starting to try to figure our how I'm going to do it at home with the 4 girls. We just can't have Emma out of our sight for even a minute. I am sure it will get better in time but for now that's where were at.

I am also wondering about homeschooling. I want to do it but I do not have my confidence up enough to think it will go well, again time will tell and a whole bunch of prayer!!

We played in the swan room for a while - it works out great for the kids to play there- it is nice and cool and enclosed- I can't lose anyone!! Then we went to starbucks for coffee and cocoa- yes, even in this heat!

Hubby had some business work to do so Kate and I took the girls for haircuts. They refused- they didn't understand so Sarah agreed to a trim and then Ellie said yes! After watching Sarah and Ellie, Emma decided to go ahead! Their hair is adorable and looks so much healthier!! They didn't notice anything unusual about their hair so maybe we are in the clear... I'll let you know!

After that we ate at Lucy's and then went for a swim. Ellie does great with the water wings but Emma has refused them... until she jumped in and sunk to the bottom. After that she gladly put them on! She did well in them but soon took them off. I need her to wear them if we are going to go swimming once we are home. Their are too many children for me too watch safely on my own. I am hoping she make good progress so it will work out at home!

Sarah is not remembering any Chinese. We are surprised- we thought she would be able to understand some of it but she cannot- not a word. She knows as much Chinese as I do- barely anything. I think she feels a little bad about it but at the same time her english is coming along so nicely. She has memories of our time in GZ but doesn't remember much about our time in Nanchang- I am sure it was all so overwhelming for her at the time. Katie and I were reminiscing about our time with in China with Sarah. It really was as challenging as it is this time but some of the differences are that was only one to focus on and Sarah has so much personality that she charmed so many people- she still does. Emma and Ellie do have that natural charm. As a Mom- I am fine with that- sometimes the charms masks what is really going on. Plus our older children are all so different- we really appreciate the different personalities that they have. It looks like it will be that way with this crew, too!

It was a good choice to bring the girls- they are doing so well. It is a lot of work but they are enjoying this time getting to know their sisters! It is so funny to hear Anna telling Emma a think or two! Of course Emma has no clue what she is saying but Anna just tells it like it is!

We shopped for a little while and each of the girls got a traditional pink chinese dress, a fun hat and a little toy. When the Emma and Ellie don't get what they want they stomp their feet and whine - we just shake our heads NO.

WE love the family we are with- Shane and Juky are so nice and have a great sense of humor! Laughter is so important- it eases the tensions and help with the perspective! The have adopted an 18 month baby girl and have their 4.5 yr old daughter with them.

All the families here are so nice- what a blessing! We are unable to be super social because of our crew but running into families and chatting for a bit is a joy!! I have also met Sammy from sammynmick. They got their kids today- I can't wait to meet their new children!

We have talked to Johnny a couple times at home- all is well. We miss him and the other big boys and are getting anxious to get home to them!!

Thank you Jesus for another day with four lovely little daughter with gorgeous black hair and one incredibly special brunette!


Lori said...

Love the haircut pics!! So cute! I actually cut Lucy's hair off yesterday into a short bob. It's so cute!

Don't even fret a bit right now about homeschooling. You need to just focus on your new family. God will lead you on what to do with school. AND He will give you the confidence and motivation to homeschool if that's what you are supposed to do. But right now, just enjoy your new family!

Serving the King said...

The hair looks amazing!! You go momma!! You're doing a great job!!!

Angie said...

Yeah for neg. TB test, beautiful haircuts (I want one of those!), waterwings, and for baby steps each day. I'm with you...I much prefer as many as possible to be in their waterwings. Too many kids for me to watch by myself! You are so funny...and such "a mom" thinking ahead already about homeschooling! Sounds like something I'd do...cause it's never too early to plan! Enjoy your time in GZ!

Mama Fish said...

Oh my goodness and big smile from Miss Emma... standing in the background while her sisters' hair is washed. I love it! You are so right about homeschooling, time will tell and much prayer. Just focus on the transition when you get home for now. I had made grand plans when my little guy came home (I school my two bio boys), but we got through the basics for a few months and extended our year out a bit because the transition took so much of my energy.

Can't wait to hear you are home! Yeah on the good TB results!

Janet and Kevin said...

Love the new hair styles! All of your daughters are just so beautiful!

Still keeping you all in our prayers.

Hugs from Indiana,
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Elijah

Laura L. said...

The girls look beautiful with their haircuts.
Love their outfits too. They look so adorable.

I was wondering if Sarah could remember enough of Chinese to communicate with the girls. I find that to be so interesting. If she can't that is so okay. She speaks her English beautifully. :)

So glad to hear their TB tests were negative.

Hearing you talk about eating at Lucy's and being at the White Swan brings back a few memories.

I am still praying for ALL of you and thinking of you. Big hugs...

Pam said...

The haircuts are adorable and I LOVE how you have the little girls matching. So cute!

Yay for the negative TB tests, too!

And don't worry yet about homeschooling. After you are home and on somewhat of a routine, I'm sure you will feel much more confident. I've noticed that Charlie has settled WAY down since we've been home. At today's check up, our pediatrician asked if Grace would be starting CDS in August. I tenatively mentioned that the plan was to hs her, and amazingly our ped. was right board. She said she wasn't concerned a bit about socialization with our big family and added that she thought it would be wonderful for attachment and getting Gracie adjusted to family life. Just hearing her say that boosted my confidence in a big way! It seems often that the peds. are not 100% on board with home schooling, so I was very pleasantly surprised. But God will let you know how best you should school HIS children.

Craig and Phyllis said...

I just love seeing all the younger girls in matching outfits! I think that was so wise of you! And their haircuts are so cute.

Our two boys couldn't remember much of their Russian after just a year home. We would let them call their orphanage and talk to the director and their friends. Our oldest one was so surprised when he couldn't understand what they were saying to him and surprised that he couldn't talk to them anymore. He felt a little bad about it. We talked about it and told him that is very normal.

I will repeat what so many are saying and not worry about the homeschooling. Just living in your home can be counted as so much of "school." Language, cultural studies, math - colors, numbers, calendar, phys. ed. and so on.

You are doing so great!!!

Sally-Girl! said...

Thanks for the great updates!! The girls look beautiful and so different with their haircuts. It is a fresh new start for everyone!!!

Loving you my dear sweet friend!!!

mom2eliza-mom2ava said...

Jean, what a fun post. I love all the glam shots and the girls look adorable. I'm amazed, Ellie looks to have changed the most when I look back at all the Guilin shots that I have of both girls. The one picture of her getting her hair combed/cut, she looks so mature. They are beautiful girls. All your daughters are! You will do fine at home w/ school; whatever you decide to do and is best for each child. As you get to know them, you KNOW you grow in confidence as their mom. Trust and have faith...I know you do. Just a reminder because I know you're probably foggy-brained! Tell Sarah not to feel too bad about losing her Chinese. Ava has been home only 8 months and she knows no conversational chinese anymore. She was tearing up the other day about it. I told her we'd get her signed up for Mandarin Classes! Hugs and prayers,
Sarah and Ava

Blogging Friend said...

The girls look really good with their new haircuts. They actually look even younger than their stated ages. I really think that Ellie is not 7.5 but now I have doubts that Emma is 8.5, but that is just my opinion. LOL!!
They look adorable and really the hair cut looks great on them. They just look healthier all around afterwards.
After you get home I think things will settle down some. They will try to push your buttons but that is okay, since you are prepared for it.

I have to tell you that I had a dream last night that I met you in person. It was an awesome dream. LOL!!


Karin said...

What a great idea to get haircuts! How FUN! So glad that Emma decided not to be left out of that fun activity. :) Hang in are doing a great job!!

Kim said...

Your girls look so beautiful, and their new haircuts are adorable. I love the picture with all 5 of your girls together.
We homeschool as well. I remember freting about what to do with all the transition and school too. We decided to go ahead and homeschool(it was so important for attachment). Once I decided to just concentrate on English lessons and basic lessons it went smoothly. I sometimes felt like I was teaching "preschool" to our 7yr old, but it was necessary to help her learn the english. She jumped back to grade level the next year.
We will pray for your girls and for you. Once you are home and into your routines you can make the best decision for your family.
Kim and Mandy

Holly said...