Monday, July 12, 2010

Going Back In Time! It's Official- July 6th!

Since I was unable to post while in Nanning I thought I would go back and share this part of the story! Please read the post after this one because that is my current post! I so appreciate your comments- they keep me going!!

This is the same room that we got the girls in- I made sure our guide explained that we were back to sign official papers so they would not wonder what was going on.

Sarah did all the girls hair- she is such a help! (of course that was before we suspected something might be going on). Now I do it- I'm not as good as Sarah!

The moment it was official!

Thumbprints by Momma and Babba and handprints from the girls sealed the deal!

Exchanging gifts! That was the orphanage rep. We never met anyone else. We did not get approval to visit the orphanage. Our girls were not in the orphanage for very long. We did meet the foster parents which is a whole other post!!

Ellie was very preoccupied with food but she is already a little better! She does not hoard but she want to be sure to get as much as possible before it is gone. She wanted cola but Momma gave her sprite! They have enough energy right now so we stayed away from the caffeine!

In the afternoon we went to the science and technology museum! The 2nd floor is all children's things- very interactive! The girls really had fun! It is hard for them to stop when they are having fun.

They did a lot of parallel play and some interacting. There were lots of smiles and laughter! We would highly recommend going there if you are in Nanning! It's a great way to burn off some extra energy!

Leader of the pack!

Our littlest girl!

Beautiful Child!!

Precious little child of God's!

They played great together!!

What are they all staring at??
It's my computer!
It's the computer guru and his posse!
I told you I tried my hardest to get it working!

These are awesome sticker books! The girls love them!


Mary Kate said...

Wonderful Post, Jean...You seem to be getting more acclimated everyday...We are so grateful for the gift of your blog!!! Only a few more days!!!!


Mary Kate

Shonni said...

Again, I love reading about your time there and I am praying for you each day!
The hair cuts do look nice also.

MoonDog said...

more matching outfits? and MORE matching outfits? you are my hero! lol. I cant wait until my girls get home so I can dress them all up! of course I am sure they will all decide they have their OWN sense of style and wont like it by then. but I have matching outfits for the girls for the way home. is it as cute for boys to match? I never thought of it! Loving all your photos! congratulations!

Laura L. said...

Got teary-eyed, seeing your "It's Official" picture. :)

mom2eliza-mom2ava said...

Love all these pictures Jean. I want to hear every detail and have so many questions. I figured out why some of my comments are getting lost...they're too BIG! lol I guess I'll have to wait 'til you're home and settled before I bombard you. Thanks for keeping a blog. I love watching these girls unfold and gel with their sisters and parents! Hugs and prayers, Sarah and Ava

Gretchen said...

Loved the picture in the food court. We were there just 9 months ago. Hubby and I got a smile when we saw your picture. We ate there a LOT!

David and Sarah said...

Great pictures, Jean. And I love their new haircuts (below).


Mark said...

Mom I am so glad everything is going so well!!!! My sisters all look amazing and I cannot wait to see you all! Take care and be safe!