Monday, July 12, 2010

Going Back in Time! July 7th- Nanning to Guilin!

Our 2nd morning together. Emma and Ellie would often run in different directions we had to keep a very close eye on them. They are very active and excited!

I must say we do have our work cut out for us!

Ellie likes to have her picture taken!

Hannah is one of the guides for our agency. She had met the girls before - she stopped by to pick up photo albums we were delivering and give us a gift for a family in the USA.
She could see how the girls were acting- so we asked her to talk to them. She did- we have had to have our guides talk to them often!
These dear children have so much to learn- I honestly can't even imagine all they have been through...

That's the fountain the Emma climbed into the first day ;-)

We went to the nearby park in the morning before leaving for Guilin. It was a beautiful park! We would have enjoyed it even more but the heat was unbearable. We saw a dance group practicing in the park.

The girls were intrigued and loved watching them.

Emma gets closer and closer into their space. Sometimes I just let the Chinese people tell her to get out of the way.
The dance instructor had his stick with him and would hit them where he felt the needed improvement. Sarah recognized the stick... they had one at her school.

Everyone wanted to get a pic with Katie. This is the dance instructor!

Anna wanted to participate in a little target practice!

The park was really pretty!!

These two get along pretty well!

They all wanted to do everything they saw so we settled on... bubbles!

We bought 2 sets and we have 4 kids- mistake- it started problems- no one wanted to share- we learned a lesson...
We needed to get moving to catch the train! Kids got mad, it was hot, parents had to hurry! Kids didn't want to walk with us because they were mad, it was hot, did I mention it was really hot and humid! Somehow we all made it to the train station!

Pics are a little out of order now... but we made it- that's what counts!!
The new girls did not want to carry their back pack but we all had to pitch in! We had a large load!!

More bubbles at the park!

The crew! Look at the men in front of us and how they are carrying our bags!!

Those bags are really heavy and they each have 3!!

Ladies... I don't think our husbands work hard enough!

We brought all that luggage on the train with us! You are only supposed to bring carry ons!!
I guess we didn't get the memo!!
Our guide, the helpers and the van driver barely made it off the train on time! It started pulling away and they were jumping off!

The girls did better than expected on the train! We feared the worst BUT it was okay!
The train left the station at 2:23 and arrived in Guilin at 9:00. We were hungry, hot and exhausted.

Anna refused to use the squatty potty, she held it the whole time!
I didn't realize it was such a long ride- I didn't plan food or anything.

When we arrived in GZ our guide met us with 3 strong men! They carried all our bags and took good care of us! We were so thankful! We had no idea how we were going to get everything off the train!

Julia (our guide) got us all settled and then we went out to eat! It is good to be in Guilin!!


mom2eliza-mom2ava said...

Jean, I loved that park in Nanning. Cracking up over the bubbles. I think the girls know more than you think. I'm thinking it's more of a "pack mentality" right now and the new girls are the new pups in the pack. They're a bit hyper, distracted, silly. They'll fall into the pack really soon you'll see. Looks like Ellie is starting to w/ Sarah. I also meant to say that it was really funny what you wrote a few posts back about Anna spouting things at Emma and Emma not understanding what she's saying! I can just picture it.

Wow, look at those strong men carrying all those bags! I agree, that looks like a good husband boot camp exercise! lol

I remember one time when Ava was whining about wanting a balloon so I bought her one and tied it to her wrist. She got annoyed, untied it, and then let it go, watching it float up. Then she wanted another and I said no. She trailed behind me the rest of the day. Ha! She learned pretty quick to take care of what is bought for her.

Looks like fun! Are you exhausted? Hugs and prayers,
Sarah and Ava

From the Erben Gang..... said...

Wow-what a trip. I am constantly amazed with you all! And I remember how HOT and HUMID it was when we went to get Kaja. Unbearable. Your webpage is the first thing I do everyday, in order to follow your adventures. xo

Kim said...

Your journey is bringing back so many memories! Thank you for allowing us to follow along!
On our trip, we were there in July as well. The heat and humidity is overwhelming and almost unbearable. It certainly makes it harder to avoid being grumpy and weary. You guys look like you are handling it all like champions. I love seeing all the pictures. Guilin is truly an enchanting city. Someday we want to return for a birthland tour.
We continue to lift you in prayer!
Kim and Mandy(a7/30/07,Guilin)