Monday, July 19, 2010

Guess Who's Speaking Chinese...

You got it- it's Sarah. She didn't say hardly a word in China but once we got her home she is jabbering away with the girls. It is usually helpful BUT not always.

This morning I asked her what she said to the girls... She told me that she said- "It's 8 o'clock".

I looked at her and said ahhh, It's not 8:00... it's 5:30... 5:30am...

yea I know she said...

Okay let's clarify this, if you talk to them you have to tell them true things not just whatever sentence you can say... (while giving her a firm look)

Okay (reluctantly said)...

She can only say simple sentences but it is fun for them to chatter.

There is a part of me that wants to say excuse me... this is english immersion! Sarah did go back to calling them their Chinese names and we had to correct her.

Yesterday we went to a park- it was a half hearted effort to keep everyone awake! The girls had never been on a swing before. Again the shouted with glee! Ellie fell off but she gets right back up again and tries harder!

They also tried bike riding and skinned their elbows. Hubby put on bandaids- princess bandaids - another first! (I was already in bed)

Okay it's now 7:23- I ate bkf already but I'm ready for a second one! I don't do well with jet lag... We are all exhausted. Can't wait for things to get back on track!

(I'll post pics when I get a chance!)


Laura L. said...

Hey girl! Welcome home to MN! I'm so happy for all of you that you are home. I'm sure it feels wonderful to be back.
I hope that everyone will be feeling great and on a more normal schedule soon.
I will look forward to seeing you and meeting your girls before long. Wishing as easy a transition as possible, as you all settle in together.

Sally-Girl! said...

Oh the jet lag can kick ya that is for sure, kind of cruel and unusual punishment when you have already endured so much but at least you are on home turf for it!

Can't wait to see pictures!

That is great that Sarah has been able to pick up her Chinese. It would be so nice for her to maintain both, I just don't know how possible that is in an English speaking home.I wish Bryson would have been able to pick up his Chinese again with getting Gio. A special bond for the two of them, but all Bryson knows is Nihao and 1,2,3!

Two jetlag days behind you now!

Jboo said...

Bless your heart -- that jet lag is so difficult!! So happy that you are all home again.

Take it easy now!


Chandra said...

Welcome home Jean! It was wonderful to see a smile on Emma's face in the photo yesterday...I hope you are seeing many more. And as far as skinned elbows, and falling off the swing, isn't that part of childhood?! :)

I'll be praying for the jet lag and transition in the coming days.

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh - jet lag is wicked! Hopefully you all will be back to normal soon! Whatever normal is!!

Janet and gang

David and Sarah said...

That's great that Sarah is able to speak with her sisters!

So sorry for the jet lag. Praying for you.