Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home for 5 days!

This pic was taken before the accident. After this we told her to put her helmet on and then tried to help her get it on. I had to post it because she looks so cute on her bike and has worked so hard to pedal!

Everyone loves big bro Mark! He is tons of fun- he's just like Grandpa Boppa!

Mark was going to trim his hair he didn't realize it was set at the shortest setting- he ended up needing to redo his whole head! Oh well- at his age it will all grow back!!

More fun outside!

Big girl little bike!

Anna decided to wash her toys in the doggies water dish. She was so cute about it I decided to take a pic! You know how slimy doggy water dishes can be - yuck honey!

One of the toys from China got stuck on the ceiling! Big bro Johnny to the rescue!

The girls love playing with their dolls!! I love seeing them play with their dolls!

We lost our internet connection for a little while- oh my- I could hardly stand it! Thank goodness it is up and running now!

Ellie is doing great. Her bump has turned into a bruise but is healing nicely!

I am happy to say everything is moving along just fine! The girls are adjusting well and getting comfortable in their new home! Emma particularly likes being home. She loves playing with dolls and doll accessories. It is really quite cute! She is so much more peaceful at home. She is responding well to love and positive reinforcement. We still occasionally have to tell her NO but she is listening to it now- PTL!! I can tell by the look on her face she want to be a good girl and doesn't like to have no said to her. When we first got her the expressions on her face did not match her feelings- now they do. It actually concerned us in China so it is so good to see them correlate now!

I think it even surprises Ellie that Emma is behaving. She was always the favored child so this is a change for her, too. It will take her a while to get used to it and to understand both can be good- there doesn't have to be a bad and a good.

Today we actually got up before the girls!! This was a minor victory! Usually they pounce on us early in the morning. It feels so good to have baby steps in the right direction!

Ellie is not so happy with her new Momma's cooking or lack there of! Emma is eating up the American food but Ellie is not so fond of it. We try to have Chinese every other night (yea, take out) and order extra rice for another meal but other than that they are being fully immersed in our way of life. All in all it is going well and I think they are happy and settling in nicely!

The language is coming slowly- slower than I remember with Sarah but it is happening. We are working on the colors, the siblings names, counting to 10, please, thank you and okay Mom!

I had signed the girls up for a park playgroup when we thought they would be home in early June. We went to it this week and gave it a try. It was a challenging environment for Emma and Ellie. They were unable to follow the directions due to the language issue. Most of the equipment is new to them and they just don't have the muscle development to do what the other kids can do. Soon they will grow in coordination and ability but they just don't have it yet. That is one of the many aspects of adopting older that we love- the transformation!! More on that topic at a later date!

Just in case you are interested- I had my hair highlighted today- no bugs- I'm in the clear- thank goodness!

Thank You Jesus for each day as a family of 11!!


David and Sarah said...

So glad that Ellie is healing nicely. It sounds like both girls are doing wonderfully.


Lori said...

So great to hear that much progress is being made!

Can't wait to see pics!

Angie said...

Doesn't it make you wonder if Emma just thought she had to live up to the reputation of being the "bad girl?" Maybe now that she's home, she realizes that she has a fresh start! Amazing! I'm still a bit amazed at how sometimes the older children lack coordination in things we would consider "normal" walking without bumping into things. At least that was the case with us...but even more amazing is the progress they make! So happy to hear things are progressing for your family of 11!

Mary Kate said...

So glad to hear a great update!!!! The transformations are such a wonderful bonus to older child adoptions from china!!! Can't wait to hear more about Emma and Ellie's transformations in the weeks to come!!! Thanks for keeping your "bloggy" friends in the loop!!!

Mary Kate

Sally-Girl! said...

I am so happy to read this post and certainly can't wait for the pictures!!!!

Ashton said...

Glad to hear there is progress! Good luck as you continue to adjust!

Pam said...

Jean, it sounds as thought things are moving along wonderfully! I am so happy for you all.

Grace's English is coming along MUCH more slowly than we had anticipated. Charlie's is great. Perhaps the ages?

Charlie, like Emma, has settled down considerably since we've been home. Thankfully. He is such a good boy~ listens and is quite compliant. I had my doubts while we were in China, but he's proved me wrong.

Can't wait to see your photos!

Shonni said...

I wanted to wait until you where home to tell you...we just received our waiver to adopt a 6 year old boy who is on one of the Hope Journey lists in China. We are so excited. We have never been able to adopt from China again, until this last year when they began giving these waivers for certain children. I can’t blog about it for a while yet (though I don’t have to hide it from by blog friends).
I love watching you with these precious girls and keep thinking what a miracle and a blessing!!!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

It is great to hear how well it is going at home and that you are making progress!! Glad to hear the head bump is healing nicely too! Welcome HOme!!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Yeah - no bugs in your hair! The small victories are so sweet! LOL!

So glad to hear that things are going better. The pictures are so sweet of your girls and your son with the "short" hair.

Thanks for the update.

Janet and gang

Karin said...

Wow, I can see SUCH a difference in Emma's face. She looks happy and peaceful!!! Thank you, Jesus! I am so happy for you all!

Holly said...

Praise the Lord for such good news!!

Karen said...

So glad Ellie is feeling better. Praise God that they are adjusting well.

Adeye said...

Such a beautiful praise repost, friend. Beautiful progress all around :)

Blogging Friend said...

I am so glad to hear that Ellie is doing okay.
I love the pictures of all 4 girls, they all look great especially Emma. It is like she has a total different look to her. She looks at peace. Makes one wonder if she acted out because she was afraid she would never belong to a real family. Of course we do not know the real story behind their parents turning them away. Maybe she blamed herself for it, or maybe she was afraid that NO ONE would ever love her again. Sounds like they must not have had many toys to play with at the foster home and now they see what it is like to have a loving family with lots of cool girl toys. LOL!!

Glad to see a difference in them both. You are doing an awesome job Mom! BTW, are they calling you Mom and Dad yet?


klm said...

I had a dream last night that I found a lice bug and when I looked in the mirror they were all over my head! And you'll never guess what, there wasn't enough treatments for me so I had to wait 3 days until we got home from China!! Quite the nightmare. Love seeing the new pics!

Anonymous said...


Susan A said...

praise YHWH, I am so glad to hear that both girls are making progress :) He is so good! :)