Friday, July 9, 2010

Nit picking and more!

Katie is not a fan of head lice! Her head has been itching ever since she heard the girls may have them! BTW- she doesn't have them! ( My head is itching, too- just thinking about it)!

Our guides have been a huge help! Julia met us at the train station with a large van and 3 strong men to carry the suitcases! She spent a lot of time talking to the girls- we were so thankful to have her!

If you wondering about Jim and Anna- he's still carrying her!

We are in Guilin and it was by a PLANE- PTL!! I wanted to let you all know that our prayers were answered but we have been having internet issues and posting takes so long. Now that I have 4 little girls it has been impossible to post.

I really want to show you are days in pics and in order so maybe tomorrow I can get back on track for now I will just give you bits and pieces!

The girls are doing well but they are very challenging. We have had many emotions- ups and downs and it has been difficult. We so appreciate your prayers! There have been so many posts that I have written in my head but when it comes time to get on the computer it has been difficult- the internet doesn't work, or it's super slow, I'm exhausted and we have had an extremely difficult time getting Emma and Ellie to settle down and go to bed- at that point I can't even think straight.

Yesterday we saw nits in the girls hair- I did a treatment on both of them but I didn't do it right so I'm not even sure it worked. The nits were about in inch away from the scalp and the girls NEVER itch their head so I'm not sure we even actually have lice. I never saw an alive one on either of the girls. I may be in denial right now - I can only handle so much at a time. Sarah has been doing their hair and doing a beautiful job at it... well no more- now it's me and it doesn't look as good. Honesty if you think about it- what a nightmare- all of their clothes, plus the bags of clothes they came with, the bedding , not to mention all of the combs, brushed hair ties, blankies, stuffed animals- multiplied by 7- holy bajoly. We had linen changed, washed some of the clothes, threw out some hair ties. If their are any lice experts out there feel free to leave a comment. I think we are okay for now and I will deal with whatever else their is when we get home!

By the looks of it already our Ellie is going to have some food issues. She seems to live to eat and eat to live. She is preoccupied with food and her sister gives her more food off her plate. She stuffs her little mouth until she gags.

The girls did not seem very close for the first couple of days. It seemed it be every man for himself- they could have cared less about the other one. They would literally push the other one aside to get what they want. Tonight we have seen a few more interactions between them it was on the plane- they talked and interacted.

When I look at Emma I see a child that has been through so much. She does not have the survival skills that our Sarah has, Life has been hard on Emma and she has scars from her trials. It really breaks my heart.

WE met the foster Mom! It was great- Lot's more to say about that! Mary kate if you are reading this we have picks of you daughter for you- we met her and snapped away!!!!!!!

Off to bed- medical appt tomorrow!!


Lori said...

I'm so sorry you are having difficulties with the girls! It's so hard, I know. I spent time in prayer for you this morning...and will continue!!

Cute pics!

Pam said...

Whooo Hoooo you made it to GZ. And by plane~ PTL!!!!!

I'm praying for your adjustment with Emma and Ellie. Receiving 2 children at once is downright hard. We had about the best case scenario one could ask for, and it was (and is) still HARD. Hang in there. It WILL get easier. You are on the home stretch now. I'm praying for you.

Karin said...

Oh sweet friend...lice on top of a difficult adjustment!! I don't want to freak you out, but it's not uncommon to only see nits and not live lice. Do the best you can to get the nits out of their hair. Keep your own hair in ponytails, away from theirs. Lice do fall out of hair and onto shirts, etc., so just be aware. I would do the treatment again if you think you did it wrong. You need to kill the ones that alive so they can't lay anymore eggs. So gross...I know. We've been through it.

Praying for you!!

Sally-Girl! said...

Yes, on everything that Karin told you!!!

This is a stretching and growing trip for everyone!!!

Karen said...

Praying for you and praying for lice free hair!

Mary Kate said...

Jean, Just read the blog...cannot believe you got pics of Shasha...I am so excited!!!
I am around kids with lice occasionally at school...f you can buy some olive oil or cooking oil and put it in their hair, wrap in a Shower Cap, towel or plastic wrap, and sleep.... in the morning wash it out...It suffocates any lice...I do this to prevent lice when their is a student in my class that has it...
Another thing I want to mention, on our trip to China to adopt Livi I got very, very ill, I won't go into details, but I had to get IV fluids and they had to wheel me (in a wheelchair) through the airport to go from Nanjing to Guangzhou...I passed out, anyway my poor Livi, I literally couldn't even look at her, until the day before we came home...never even saw Guangzhou except for the hotel...I never ever thought I could ever do this again (adopt) it was all so horrible, but I can hardly remember it now, and whatever I went through was so worth it now....I guess its what people say about horrible childbirth experiences, You will get through all this "bad" stuff and it will become a distant memory...I am so sure of it!
Again thanks for taking pictures of Shasha, I can't believe it!!!!!


Mary Kate

David and Sarah said...

So glad that you were able to post. I'm praying for you! It's got to be overwhelming for everyone. Once you get home and into a routine, things will be much easier.


jahkamakura said...

Praying for your adjustments. Put 4 tablespoons of salt in a bottle of shampoo and have everyone use that shampoo. For those with lice, leave the shampoo on for 10 minutes before rinsing. Use the shampoo a few times a week until all the lice are gone and then once a month just to be sure.

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh, bless your hearts! We have been praying here for you all! Will continue and step it up!! LOL!!

Thanks for the post. It helps direct our prayers. I agree with the things already said about the lice. You might need to treat yourselves at some point, too. I don't remember the incubation period. We have had many lice checks being school teachers! Never got it, but we always felt like we did from being around it. I would recommend checking yourselves often, too.

Hugs to you all,
Janet and gang

David & Janet Hurley said...

I've never dealt with lice (thank goodness-5 kids)but had a friend who ran a girls home. She treated every new girl for lice--regardless. Then she put about 6 drops of tea tree oil in every bottle of shampoo that was bought. I has a natural disenfectant in it too. The tea trea oil can be rubbed on scabes as well.
Thank you for sharing, I'm praying for you.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Praying for wisdom with any and all transitional issues! They can be sooo overwhelming. PRAYING!!! Can't wait to see more, but know that if internet is slow- it is impossible. I have no ideas about the lice- I can pray though!!!!!

Adeye said...

Oh dear my friend, I think that most of us can say that we have dealt with lice at one stage or another in our lives. Not a fun thing, but thank goodness it does go away. This too shall pass....I promise.
I am so sorry that things have been challening. Boy do I understand coompletely. Hang in there, things will be so much better when you get home and settled into your new normal. Just take one day at a time and know that many are praying for you here.

Sending you a HUGE hug. Hang tight, friend. I so admire you obedience to walk this road less traveled. You're amazing.

Janet and Kevin said...

Jean -

I forgot to mention that our Philip had a food problem too when we were in China. He just couldn't get enough. He would literally gorge himself ALL THE TIME at meals and continually cry for food in our hotel room. We were so worried. But then once we got home and he began to feel more secure, slowly he did not do that anymore and ate at a more normal rate. God bless you all. Hugs from Janet and gang

Cari said...

okay, why am i scratching my head?...hehe! i can't even imagine how tired you must be. i continue to pray for you all and i'm glad that you have your hubby and older daughter there to help. i'm curious if Sarah knows/remembers Chinese to be able to communicate with her new sisters?

Mary Kate said...

Jean, Just wanted to say if you post pictures of Guilin and Shasha happens to be in them, I don't mind a bit!!!!!
Mary Kate

Kim said...

We are praying for you!We are praying for your family. We are praying for the girls and their transitions. Transitions for just one are extremely hard. I cannot imagine the case with two, and you must be exhausted. Can't speak to the lice issue, but Mandy was the same way about food. She would fill her plate at the buffets and eat until we thought she would get sick. We let her eat to her hearts husband felt it best after we got to GZ to let her fill one plate from the buffet and then let her go back once more. When we arrived home we allowed her food as often as she liked it, gave her a snack to put beside her bed, and fixed whatever she would eat for the first few months. Then we began working on finding that full feeling. She learned that food was always available for her. It helped to let her eat this way;however, she still has a difficult time with knowing when she is full and not being "jealous" of food that others have.After reading her "reports' from the orphanage this must have been an issue for her. It does get better with time.
I am so sorry the train trip wasn't a good experience for you all. We loved our trip,but we only had four of us. I will continue to pray for you all and pray that your time in GZ will be the better part of your trip!
We can't wait to see pictures.
Kim and Mandy(Guilin,a.7/30/07)

Mom Of Many said...

Jean, Sweet Friend,
No expert advice on lice. I can google some and email it to you if you want. I don't know if youare able to google. If you want me to, just email me.

I am sorry for all the challenges...I can't say I'm have been obedient and there is no doubt that God is being honored, even in all the difficulty. I am so thankful for you and Jim's courage and tenacity. You guys are my heroes!!

Continuing to pray for wisdom as you deal with each and every challenge - you can do it!! Much love, Linny

kippi said...

Just wanted to say that I am praying for you all. May God continue to strengthen you for each day.

Susan A said...

now I'm statching my head :) our schools used to have lice checks every now and then. Not sure of a natural remedy, but I remember there used to be a comb specifically made for removing lice eggs that attach itself to the hair.

Sorry to hear about the difficulties, the girls will settle in once at home, I'm sure :) Praise YHWH you got the flight! Praying for peace, clarity and wisdom for you and your family on remembering to acknowledge Him and ask Him for help in every situation that you feel unprepared for.

mom2eliza-mom2ava said...

Jean, hang in there! You're all doing great; lice treatments, privates-grabbing, food stuffing and all.

Sounds to me like Emma is being typical. She's feeling outnumbered and trying to figure out her place in the family dynamics. Her comment about not being controlled...gosh, brought back memories of Ava being so mad during the actual Adoption Interview when she said, "No thanks." And they took her fingerprint and shoved her into her new mama's arms anyway! Sheesh. Can you imagine?

From what Ava tells me, Emma is the alpha over Ellie anyway. Ellie was the go with the flow sister. Emma was the decision maker. So, if they are distant with each other right now, I'm sure it's because they are each respectively sizing up the new siblings and where they're going to fit. They're both processing everything right now. It'll all work out.

I want to see pictures! I want to hear more!! I'm checking your blog and JTM sight all day long!!! Okay, I'm a stalker. I'm so glad to read that you got pictures of ShaSha too for MaryKate. Did you get pictures of Zhu Shi Yun for Angela?

...Ava says it's "cool" that her fellow Guilin girls are being adopted and coming to America. She still doesn't get the concept that America is bigger than just NC. She thinks everyone is coming here and will be within just an hour or two from us. LOL She aksed me yesterday if we could get on a plane and go to Guilin. Aw. She also watched some of the China videos we took and teared up. She said it made her sad. What about it made her sad, I asked? She said she can't understand any of the language anymore (right now).

Sending you hugs and prayers!