Friday, July 2, 2010

Our first full day in HK!

Anna decided to decorate the room while I wasn't looking!

We told her absolutely not, so she decorated herself!

We have a great view from our room!

This is what $45 (american dollars that is) of little girls underwear looks like in Hong Kong! It is expensive here. We could have bought this for $10 at home...

Well rested and ready for a great day!

Victoria Peak! We had a perfect day for sightseeing from the peak!

Anna had a ton of energy and then hit the wall!

View of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon from the peak!

View from the other side!

Getting creative with the camera!

The rest of us hit the wall just hours after Anna. By the time we went to dinner we could hardly eat, felt dizzy and had headaches. We barely made it the the sight seeing feeling "okay".

It was a beautiful day for the locals but a hot one for us. 90 plus degrees and high humidity.

After Victoria Peak we went to Aberdeen and saw the jumbo restaurant on the water. We rode in one of the sampans. Here is a pic of another boat just like the one we were in. It was an interesting experiencere we were kind of brought back to the past, to the old HK.

But then reality set in and it became kind of sad. It was not the beauty of the past and people choosing to live simply in a community that has tons of money. It was the poor who had no choice on how they lived and the very rich with their toys sharing the harbor out of necessity.

This is someone's home. This harbor comunity used to be thriving. It was the chosen community of the fisher man and their families living in the harbor.

They even had a school on one of the boats just 30 yrs ago.
Now the young people leave the harbor life and only the elderly are left.

Our sampam could barely make it through all the boats parked in the harbor.

Another boat called home.

After this tour we were left with a very sad feeling. It feels like HK was a city without a God. After hearing more of what our guide had to say- it is also a city that does not value children. The young do not want children, they are discouraged by their peers to ever invest in personally having children. Children are expensive and an inconvenience.

Even though they do not have the one child policy most families preferred to only have one if any. Then that child becomes the prince or princess and continues the self centered attitude. Our guide said she want 4 children but her friends keep telling her don't do it.

Here is the jumbo restaurant in- the dirty water and smells made it seem very unappetizing- at this point jet lag was settling in for me.

As you can see Anna enjoyed herself!

We then went on to a jewelry factory and Stanley Market. Sorry no pics of that...

It was fun, interesting and exhausting!

Sarah is doing really well. She is holding up the best with the jet lag. She is staying close to us and is not the least bit embarrassed of us, so far! It is more challenging with the two girls but so worth it! I couldn't imagine being away from them and I think this will be incredible bonding for all of us, especially them!

God is so good and his presence with us is evident. I am so thankful to him.

I am trying not to count down the hours until we get our girls. I need to get used to the time change and be peaceful for now. I know as the moment gets closer it will be more difficult.
I already feel like HK was great now lets go get them!!

Tonight we are hoping to meet a wonderful family for dinner!!


Mary Kate said...

Wonderful pictures, Jean!!! Glad you are there safe and sound...Get caught up on your sleep...Only a couple more days!!!!!
Mary Kate
(waiting for my Guilin Girl, Shasha)

Sally-Girl! said...

Okay your weather in HK is way better than ours was!! The view you got from the peak is incredible!! It was 96 ere yesterday with 100% humidity...ugh!!! I am at the point where I am ready to go home!!!

Love seeing your posts in HK. Looks like your room is probably a lot better than ours since our view was of a one hour hotel!!!!

Glad you are enjoying your time even if you are now the owner of $45 panties!!!

KrisMcmillen07星美 said...
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Lori said...

Wow, thanks for sharing so much! It really is so sad about people there not wanting to be inconvenienced by children. That is heart-breaking!

Great pics! Anna snoozing away in most of them totally cracked me up! Oh and she and Lucy would no doubt have the WORLD covered in stickers if they ever team up.

Chandra said...

What a beautiful day in HK! Incredible photos, Jean.
Gotta love those $45 undies ;)
And even though Anna really shouldn't decorate the hotel, it is really quite nice...haha. Get rested, I'm sure you have alot more sight seeing to do. Not to mention lots of activity with 4 young ladies soon. yeah.

Chris said...

Looks like the same boats we saw 8 years ago. Your weather was gorgeous. It's great when you are Anna's age and daddy can carry you when you crash....she will do it a few more least that is what Hope did in 2006

Jill said...

Awwww. Beautiful photos Jean. Takes me back to 2007. You are right though, things look so different. Very sad.

Beautiful view of Victoria's Peak and Kowloon. We stayed in Kowloon, and although it was very interesting, or view was no where as gorgeous as yours! It was of a Step 2 playground and a blue blow up pool!! LOL!

Glad to hear you are are doing okay, especially Sarah.

Hugs! Jill

Laura L. said...

Yay! Glad to see you're able to update the blog. Looks great!

Glad you are safe and doing well.
Been thinking about you guys and wondering how things are going.

Looking forward to keeping up with you guys' trip.

Karen said...

Wow! You had a crazy busy day. Oh my, those were expensive undies!

Susan A said...

thank you for sharing beautiful pictures, how so exciting that you will see your two girls so soon! :)

Susan A said...

hi Jean, I was clicking the links on the right hand side of your blog about families going to China around the same time as you, and in Misty Ming's blog, the lady there shared about a way that you can access your blog while in China, here is a part of what she wrote:

* for those traveling soon -- regarding email and blog posting -- a friend told me about a program called to get past china's blocking of blogger. it works! the downside is you cannot post pictures. if you want to be sure you can post to your blog, ask someone at home to do this for you. in an email, send him/her your text and picture attachments (with access to your blog sign-in) and have them post for you. my sister deb has been my Godsend :) and i also recommend setting up a gmail account to use for emailing. our home server is squirrelly and access to it has not been reliable.

Hope this helps :)

David and Sarah said...

Can't wait to see two more big girls in your pictures! Praying for you.


Sammy said...

It looks wonderful!