Sunday, July 25, 2010

Q and A!

You ask and I answer! If you have a question please leave a comment and I will answer them in my next post!

Blessings to you!


Dr. D said...

Hi Jean,

Thanks for the wonderful blog. You've given me so much insight and food for thought as we prepare to bring our girls home from Central America.

Thanks for having a post inviting questions. That's awesome. I was wondering, as you prepared for your girls did you buy all of their clothes, shoes, toys etc. prior to their arrival or have you saved some of the shopping to do with them now they are home?

I've been thinking about what would make our girls feel more at home: arriving and finding their closets and drawers already filled and waiting for them, or just barely filled and they help shop with us to fill them.

What are your thoughts on that?


Anonymous said...

Oh yay! I have been wanting to ask you questions and haven't gotten to emailing you. My mom reads your blog and passed it onto me (I am very interested in adopting, but I'm waiting awhile longer, I am still a newlywed and have a lot of things ahead of me!) I have a lot of questions, ha! Hopefully they won't overwhelm you:

Did you wait until your biological children were older to adopt because you had specific reasons or Is it just the timing the Lord gave you? Would you recommend waiting or adopting while your bio children are still "being raised" as well?

What are the biggest challenges that you and your husband have come across while adopting older children?

Did you work while raising your bio kids and do you work now? How did you decide how to balance between working and raising children?

Thanks! So much fun to read your blog.

LaRita said...

We are nearing our time to recieve our daughter from China. Like you, we have adult bio kids, 3 sons all married and also have 6 grandkids! You are a comfort to me. I've been trying to learn our daughter's language but am not doing very well. How does the language issue work out? Our daughter is 7 and I'm starting to worry about communication.

Blogging Friend said...

I was wondering when you would do this.
I am so glad that the girls appear to be doing better now they are at home. Sounds like Emma has really changed (I think I addressed some thoughts on that in my past comment).

I guess the questions I have are more down to earth and home life.
1).How are the girls doing with attachement?
2).Are they calling you Mom and Dad yet? if not what do they call you?
3).How is Anna doing with having 3 big sisters? I know she and Sara became very close after a while and wonder if that has changed? Is Sara protective of Anna with Emma and Ellie?
4). Where you able to get Emma and Ellie their own American Girl Dolls (I think that is what they are called)? If so, what did they think of that? Obviously they like dolls but having one of their very own I bet is nice too.
5)?How are the girls doing with discipline? What type of discipline you use? Assuming you have had to do much other than saying NO.
6). How are they doing with sleeping? Has it taken them long to get use to the new time difference?

I guess that is enough for now. I am sure I will have more later. LOL!!

Carol said...

Hello Jean, I love your blog and have a China daughter myself. Although I did not think I would do this, I ended up taking our daughter (and myself) to Chinese school and we love it! We are both in Chinese Second Language (CSL) classes and participate in all the events and activities throughout the year. Do you or will you take your girls to Chinese school (assuming you have one in your area?) The older girls may appreciate it because they will feel like they still have a link to China and can retain their own language and be bilingual. Thank you for taking the time to share your family with us. Carol

elizabeth said...

I'm interested in how you plan to (or already do) incorporate Chinese culture with your girls. I think that would be one of the hard things with adopting an older child who has already been immersed in another culture and may be confused about retaining their birth culture while still assimilating into their new culture. Another thing I'm curious about regarding adopting older children is getting them comfortable giving and receiving affection and if this is something that just comes naturally over time or if there are certain things you do to promote it? I'm also interested in how over time you promote the girls' attachment to you as a mother vs. a temporary caregiver. I'm guessing that they knew their foster mother loved them but also knew that she was a temporary figure and hence the attachment was different. Lastly, I'm wondering how you deal with your own feelings of grief related to seeing your children grieve and knowing they have gone through so many hard things. In trying to put myself in your perspective I think I would feel almost angry at the world that they are so young and have had to deal with such hard times.

Thank you for taking questions =) Please don't feel obligated to answer all 4 of mine, lol, I'm just full of questions and would love to hear your perspective on any or all of them.

Janet and Kevin said...

Jean - you know that I love reading your blog sweet bloggy friend. As you know also, Kevin and I are feeling "the call" to find our daughter who might be older and from China.

So we will be traveling down that same road as you all! Our biggest worry is how to help an older child adapt and what to do about their discipline issues. Both of our boys have been much younger when we received them, so we disciplined and guided them as a younger child. What types of strategies do you use and what kind of tips can you give us to help our daughter (who might be older - say between 5 - 10 years old) feel more comfortable with us?

Janet and gang

From the Erben Gang..... said...

Logistics!!! Who cleans, cooks, shops.... Do you have any help??? How do you do it????? Jim? :-)

Jenny said...

Jean, Again Thank you so much for taking the time to blog about your journey to your girls and your life! It is so helpful to me and as we feel we are a little isolated after having recently moved to Vero Beach, FL (not that many Asian adoptees here)I am so thankful that God has given me the connection with the blogging world, and especially with people who are my Hubby's and my age! The
one question I would like to ask is about homeschooling as I am also homeschooling my daughter who is almost 10. We are adopting a little girl who will probably be close to 7 by the time we get her
and I've thought about the possibility of letting her go to
school for a while to help with the
language issue and maybe catch up on her reading skills. Do you have any thoughts on that? Just
wanted you to know your'e still in
our prayers!
Love In Him,

Mary Kate said...

Hi Jean!!!!
I am wondering what size clothes the girls are?
I think you have dogs, how is that transition for the girls?
How is their bedroom arrangement going...Are you glad they are in the same room? Are the Bunk beds working out?
I guess I would just LOVE updates about bonding and attachment as often as you write them...
Are you thinking of adopting again, or is it too soon...Also what age would you look at next (If you are thinking about that)!!!
I know you homeschool, but what grade level do you think the girls are at????
I think I have bombarded you enough!!!!!
Mary Kate

Anonymous said...
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