Thursday, July 1, 2010

We are in Hong Kong!!

Happy to have her feet on the ground!!

How can it be that after 24 hours on a plane these two can look so cute!!

Even the hubby is looking good!! Katie and I opted out of all pics after the long flight!

Alleluia!! It was a long long flight. It took us a full 24 hours with layovers. The kids did great! Anna just had a moment of losing it but them fell asleep on the plane. Our long flight from Portland to Tokyo was on an airbus- yuck. It was a relic, all it needed was the propellers and I would have been convinced it was from the 1950! Between Tokyo and HK we had a little old asian grandma sitting next to us. She took one look at the situation and was moved- which gave us an extra seat!! The flights are so long for me the only way to get through it all is to pray, pray, pray- so that is what I did.

Honk Kong is awesome! Mountains with buildings laden into the mountains. The city is lit up at night and looks absolutely beautiful. We have not however ventured out into heat. Our first tour starts at 2:30 today- I'll let you know what I think of HK after that- I am not a fan of extreme heat.

With all of the hours I spent on packing I forgot Anna's underwear. We are going shopping now to get her underwear- she only has a million pairs at home but the key word there is home!

It doesn't seem to bother Sarah that everyone is Chinese except her parents. We were wondering if it would be an issue for her but it is not so far!!

I just can't believe we are here. I can't believe we are this close to Emma and Ellie! I am amazed at our Lord and how he fulfills his promises!


Karen said...

So glad you made it (finally). It seems like the flights are never ending!! I pray you have beautiful weather!

Tracey and Chuck said...

Very glad to hear you made it to Hong Kong!!! The girls look fabulous and I am sure Mama and Katie do too!!!! Can't wait to hear more very soon!

Karin said...

Hooray, you survived the killer flight!!! Won't be long now and your sweet girls will be in your arms! Enjoy HK--love it there. :)

Mom Of Many said...

So fun! So fun!! So fun!! I am so excited for you...kind of reliving in my head going to get our kiddos each time.

Just think of all the mountains God has moved to get you to where you are....oh how he loves the orphan!!

Praying as you continue your journey - and the pics are fantastic, by the way!! xo

The Heald Family said...

I love seeing the girls smiling in HK! Praying for all 4 girls in their adjustments and patience and strength for the rest of you:)

Sally-Girl! said...

So glad you are getting closer to us!!!! Sounds like you are going to have better weather in HK than we did.We never saw the sky in HK except for the clouds and rain. There are mountains there??? We have had no rain for the last two days in GZ. It is just like an oven outside though!

Lori said...

I'm so happy, happy, happy that you are there!! Woo hoo!!!

It sounds like except for the underwear situation (LOL!), things are going great! Yippee!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Jean - this may be a duplicate comment as I had difficulty getting the last one to go through.

I kept thinking about your family and praying for you all through the day yesterday. So glad to hear you are there safely. Now the good stuff begins!

Janet and gang

Jboo said...

So happy to hear that you made it through the long flights! Love Hong Kong, but was not there in the heat of summer! Keeping you and your family in my prayers for a great trip!


Holly said...

Jean! I haven't read your blog in a while...but now I'm back, and so excited that you are really THERE!!!! Praying for a wonderful experience while in China!

Jennifer O'Cain said...


So happy that you made it safe and through the long, long flight. I know how excited you are and can't wait to follow you as you meet your newest daughters!!

Prayers for all of you,

Jennifer O'Cain

soontobemomof9 said...

Yes!!!! So happy for you my friend!! I am headed home with my girls in the morning! Little Tavi is so overwhelmed, but is drawing to us, not away so that is something.

Kathy said...

So happy you all survived the long flights!
I am looking forward to following your
journey to your precious girls!
Praying for all of you!