Friday, September 3, 2010

Art Wars!

When Emma and Ellie came home they immediately noticed Sarah and Anna's artwork displayed through out the house. Emma got busy working alongside Sarah, however we soon discovered that Sarah was doing Emma's artwork. We quickly put a stop to that, we want Emma to do her own work and to be happy and proud of what she does.

A few weeks later Ellie walks through the house looking at the pictures we have up, she exclaimed "Emma. Emma Emma, Sarah, Anna, Anna, Sarah? Where's Ellie's?" if you could hear her accent while she said this you would LOL! It was so cute! We let her know she needed to start making some pics for us!

So she did!!
And then they did!
It was a war!
Who could make the most pretty pics for their Mommy and Daddy

The winners were the Momma and Daddy!
No one lost the war!

I think it says somewhere in those decorating magazines how easy it is to update your decorating/ spruce up the room - well this is another way you can do it!!


Adeye said...

What beautiful and sweet treasures they blessed you with. I love that every picture made carries a special memory.

Love and hugs, friend.

Shonni said...

Too Cute!!

Holly said...

The height of home decor my friend :) so precious!

Angie said...

Looks like you need some more cupboard space for all that beautiful artwork!!

Lori said...

Very chic. Very now. Very magazine-ish. It will be all the rage now that you've gone public with this gallery of art.

Love it!

Nicole A. said...

So cute! Love to decorate with kids' art! You should check out:

We found it online a few years ago, and it's our favorite site for 100s of free printable coloring pages.

Have a great weekend!
Nicole A. in OH

Holly said...

Beautiful! I wish my boys would make me more pictures. I need more decorations on my walls!

Serving the King said...

Love that Jean! And you have some talented girls over there! My boys would scribble, rub some dirt on it and call it a day. Perhaps seeing who can make the best mud pie will be in our future....not as good for decorating...but good for feelin the love. LOL

Difference2This1 said...

How cool is it that these 4 little girls live in a house with kitchen cabinets with a Mama and Daddy who they know care about them enough they would bother to engage in "art wars"? It's just pretty cool isn't it? All because you said "yes". God bless, Jennifer