Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Busy Fall!

About 3 evenings a week we are at Johnny's soccer games! It is fun to watch him play. He always gives 100%.
He is one of the captains on the Varsity team!

Since he is a captain it means we are captains parents which means we, along with the other families, have lots to do!
Tomorrow the team and coaches will be coming over to our house for a pasta dinner after practice - they are going to "carb up" before a big game on Saturday!

The girls love to go to his games... because... there is a candy jar that we all pass around! And they love candy!
Oh, yes and they love to watch him play, too!!

It has been fun for me to be on the sidelines taking team pics!!
I actually get to watch the game in peace BUT don't tell Hubby!
I will be taking pics and I'll hear Momma, Momma! It's pretty cute!

Matt came to a game before he left. He is amazed at his little brother. He said "Johnny must have gotten all the competitive genes and he didn't get any!"

Matt is the sweetest guy, he sees no reason to chase down that ball. He would just as soon have the other guy get it!

I love the differences in kids. It doesn't matter if it's birth or adopted- it is so wonderful to rejoice in their individuality.

(It only took me a bundle of kids to realize this but I get it now!!)

Such Blessings!

I have to add that when the girls first came home Johnny wasn't so sure he wanted them at the games. He looked at us and said "Can you get a babysitter?" We tried but Karen wasn't available and as it turns out he loves having his sisters there! They cheer him on! It is so cute to hear them call out Johnny, Johnny, Johnny! He eats up the attention!

Just like the fair we wondered how can we bring them to the games- we were wrong, it is a great family bonding time! We huddle close when it's cool out! It's cozy for the girls! The other night, as clear as a bell, Emma said "I'm cold!"
We were shocked and thrilled! We warmed her up with hugs, blankets and high fives!!

Rejoicing in MN!!

(I can hardly wait for Sam to be at the games next year! We are going to have to get him a soccer jersey!)


Sophie said...

It's always fun watching the kids in their sporting events. We're all about baseball over here, now the boys are in fall ball and hubby is always their coach so we have the team over for a barbeque every year.

Just wondering how the older kids feel about another adoption?? I think our older children believe we've gone off the deep end.

Melanie said...

WOW, I love these pictures!!!
The first one is really cool! =)

I'm sure it's a really good family bonding time =)

Laura L. said...

Great photos you captured. I know you're so proud of him and love him so much.
I'm glad you guys can have these special times together.

Jennifer O'Cain said...

I'm so jealous that you live somewhere that is cool enough to use a blanket right now. It is still hot, hot, hot here. Of course my tolerance for cold is short lived but still, those cuties cuddled up in blankets just look so, well, cuddly...