Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Colorado- here they come!

This last weekend Matt left for Colorado with his girlfriend Caitlyn. It was hard to see him go - I did great until the final goodbye and then I cried like a baby.
He had a job interview the next day after they arrived and guess what! He got the job- Thank You Jesus!!
(Please pray for Mark- he is struggling with being away)

It was a nice weekend with Matt and Caitlyn. This was her first time meeting Emma and Ellie. All the kids love her! She is a special Ed Preschool teacher- talk about perfect! As you can see all the girls were all over her!

Billy came home over the weekend, too and again the girls were all over him!
Thank goodness our big kids eat it up!!

Every once in awhile they need a break from all the love. So we made the basement an older kids only zone! The girls are tempted to go down but the know the rules. The big kids come up when they want to hang with the younger kids, chat with us or eat! It has made it so Johnny can have his High School friends over without getting bombarded by little sisters!

It does warm a momma's heart to see the kids together- littles with big and big with littles!

We do work hard to be there for all our kids. It is very important to us to give each one time and attention! I am so glad the big kids love to come home and chat with us!

Emma and Ellie are understanding what we say. The English is still coming very slow BUT it is happening. They are now saying cute little phrases like- I don't know? I love you? Oh My Goodness! Let's go! Time for bed! Good Morning!

Sarah's Chinese is doing well- she is remembering more and more. AND yes, they do talk about me sometimes- I just know it!


Sally-Girl! said...

I bet they are saying "We have the best mom in the whole world!!!"

Sophie said...

How sweet that they just love their brothers so much. That's great news that your son found a job, I'm sure it was hard to watch him go, it's so tough being a mom at times.

Kathy said...

This just reminded me of when our
oldest son got his new job......
out of town. I cried like a baby too.
The funny part is it is only a couple
of hours away!

Serving the King said...

Jean your family dynamic is so great! How interesting that Emma & Ellie are picking up English and Sara is picking up Mandarin! How great is that?! I am curious if our boys English acquisition will come slowly as well seeing as how they will have each other to speak to. I can't wait to hear them jabbering to one another!!

Angie said...

I love seeing siblings lovin' on one another! I bet your big boys are geeked to have a baby brother. Boy, the things they can teach him!

Sammy said...

Jean we got home about a week after you. My two are about the same place on English as yours. I get "Mom where me bike?" or Shepard says "Mom potty Stafan" then Shepard switches the light off and on to show me that is what Stafan is doing to him. : - )