Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Field Trip to the Farm and Apple Orchard!

Ellie noticed right away the smells at the farm are quite strong!

The girls loved the baby goats!

Sarah just couldn't get enough of them!

She loves everything and anything that is "baby"!

The calves were so soft and their tongues are like sandpaper.

The big goats aren't quite as cute! The girls found all the animals fascinating!

They were so excited to be there! I love to look at this through their eyes!

We went on a wagon ride through the fields. It had rained all night and part of the morning so there was plenty of mud for the wagon to slosh through!

Sarah wanted to bring him home!

Mom and Dad said "NO goats for pets!"

The Mama pig and her piglets! She looks exhausted!

Rebecca and Sarah met last year. The girls clicked again right away!

Oops! I meant to choose a better pic of all the kids but too late now!!

The played in the corn!

I have always wanted a farm... but I'm thinking we will just go visit the farm instead of having a farm. Since I kinda like things neat and clean- it's probably not a good fit!

More friends to admire!

Now, isn't he a sight for sore eyes!!

Since it had rained so much we were unable to go pick apples. We went to another apple orchard the next day and enjoyed raspberry and apple picking, along with pony rides and train rides. I didn't have my camera with me- bummer. It was a fun field trip!


Pam said...

Oooh what a fun field trip! Love doing things like that with my littles. I am envious that your girls are wearing hoodies. Fall has come to you, it looks like. We're still around 90 here. Send some of that cool air our way, would you please????

David and Sarah said...

Great pictures! So fun!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I grew up on a farm- LOVED it :) he he he- but it is not clean and neat and tidy :)

Sue said...

The babies are so cute and what a great experience for Emma and Ellie.
I alway wanted to be on a farm growing up, all my cousins were farmers and they could never understand why I was so excited to visit the farm.

Dr. D said...

Great pics. We have a farm and I'm like you Jean. Everything must be clean and tidy! Takes a lot of maintenance, but that was the negotiation between hubbie and I. He wanted the farm, I wanted neat, clean, and cute. We're both happy!:-D