Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Game is still on...

So here we are in the middle of a monsoon and the soccer game is still on. We've had 3 inches of rain so far. It's letting up a little but the sky is heavy and grey- I'm telling you there is more to come.

Cancel the darn game and let this Momma stay home! 

We are scheduled to work in the concessions so we both have to be there- Who on earth made that concession schedule- oh ya, it was me! I should have looked further ahead into the monthly weather report when I did that!

After all what about the players, they are going to get so wet and cold, they may get sick or slip and get hurt. What are they thinking??  

In the good ole days (last year) the game would have been cancelled due to rain but now our school is the proud owner of "turf". Yes, I said turf and we are all supposedly so excited about it! yippee yippee...

I'm wantin the grass back right now!


Laura L. said...

Oh boy...Yes, a wet, wet day it is!

Oh I remember those days of soccer and rainy days.(when our daughter played) Is the game on or off??

I would SO come work your shift at the concession stand for you. I love working concessions, crazy as that may seem. I love the fast pace and the people. :)

Kelly said...

I came across your blog from No Hands but have a beautiful family. We are in the process of our second adoption. I loved seeing pictures of your older sons with their sisters. It is easy to see how loved they are. I hope that you are able to travel soon to bring your son home. (We are hoping to travel in the spring, too, but to South Korea)

Liked the homeschool field trip pictures--we homeschool, too.

Karin said...

Yikes...hope they cancelled the game. I heard about all the rain in MN on the national news so it must have been really bad.

Sophie said...

I wanted to comment on your last post. Jean you are an amazing woman who's made so many sacrifices. Perhaps there are many that can't understand the choices you've made, but that doesn't matter, your focused on the cross and on God's purpose for your life. Blessings to you dear friend.