Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Golden Birthday Katie!!

Our dear daughter Katie, turned 25 on the 25th of September! Oh my, has time gone by too fast! She is 
still our little girl and always will be! She is such a blessing to us! We love spending time with her and chatting about life! She is a joy to us and a great friend to me!
She had a fun day planned with her friends on Saturday and then the three of us went birthday shopping on Sunday at MOA!
It was a special treat for Sarah to go with us! It was time to have a little separation between Sarah, Emma and Ellie. (explanation in another post)

 Then we met everyone else at a restaurant for dinner.
It was a fondue place and the dinners there are always so much fun and soooo delicious!
They gave us our own little room which was really nice because the manors of this crew leave something to be desired!

 Johnny's birthday is in a week so it was a dual celebration! It is hard to find a time that everyone is available so we justified dinner out because it was for two people!
He will get his gifts closer to his big day!
Isn't that a nice yellow sweatshirt he has on! If it belongs to your son, let me know because it is not Johnny's!
I am wondering where half his clothes are- probably at friend's homes?? The other half is on the floor of my laundry room!

The girls all had a hard time staying in their seat! You know I'nm thinking we may have to have birthday dinners at home once again. My cooking is so so bad... but as our crew grows we are not restaurant worthy if ya know what I mean!

Picture taking and playing with Katie's camera were part of the entertainment!

HaPpY 25tH bIrThDaY kAtIe !!

HaPpY 17tH bIrThDaY jOhNnY !!


Lori said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Katie and Johnny!

Looks like you guys had some serious fun! And if I can read between the lines correctly, a bit interesting and challenging as well. LOL.


Oh and the comment about Johnny's sweatshirt cracked me up! I literally have a lost and found basket at my house. And it's FULL. And I shudder to think how much of my boys' stuff is at other houses.

Fun, fun!!

Laura L. said...

Yay! Happy birthday to Katie and Johnnny.
Well you can always order pizza or something for at home birthdays if you wanted to. Nothing wrong with that. As long as there's dessert, everybody's happy. :)

Ha ha. Love that Johnny is wearing someone else's hoodie. Bryan would do that kind of stuff too. I would be like, "WHEN are you going to give ______ back his shorts, sweats, etc?? For all I know, he probably still has the shorts of some guy he wore all summer. Boys!

I used to cringe when he'd go to camp and wonder what towels, socks, shampoos, etc. would not be coming home. LOL.

Karin said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to your Katie and Johnny!

I'm so thankful to know that my son isn't the only one who leaves his clothes at other people's houses. :)

David and Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Katie and Johnny! Looks like fun (even if a bit crazy!).


Sophie said...

Happy birthday to your kiddos, Katie is absolutely beautiful and she looks like such a great big sister too.

Sue said...

happy birthday to you Katie and Johnny.
We went to a resturant all 7 of us on Sunday. Did good, but they should be old pro considering what they had to endure in China. It so much fun with a big group.