Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Fun!

The girls went to a Halloween party last night! They had so much fun with our playgroup!!
Emma and Ellie loved dressing up in costumes!! As we walked up to the front door Emma said "I love you Momma!"
I love you too honey!

This is Lily! She has been home from China for about 6 weeks! Her Momma and her Daddy waited 50 months for her- she was so worth the wait!
We had 4 new children and 2 new families join us at the party!!
It is so much fun getting together. No one understand adoption better than adopting families! We have an instant bond!!

A couple families had already left by the time we took the picture! As you can see there are no boys in the group- Sam is going to need as buddy! He is so outnumbered!(there actually are 2 boys- 9 and 7 yrs old that were not at the party)

Today we went to Boo Blast in Wayzata- a little nearby community that was welcoming trick and treaters! We rode the trolley from one shopping center to another shopping center for more trick or treating! The girls were thrilled with this concept of saying a few words "Trick or Treat" and someone would put candy in their bag!!

We had a wonderful day! The kids enjoyed every minute of it! Emma and Ellie really don't like candy very much but the whole concept of getting stuff amazed them!!

We met up with our friends and spent the afternoon together!

They got candy, silly bands, little gifts and much more!

At the local grocery store we had a free lunch- hot dog, chips, carrots and mini pop!

Even the hair salon participated! This is the first time we ever did anything like this and it was so much fun! This wasn't an option when our big kids were little. It safe and not scary!

Then we trick and treated in the grocery store- at one of the stops they got chocolate milk! I enjoyed the Saturday samples!

The train is always a big hit! Here it comes zooming by!

It's impossible to get everyone looking the same direction! Oh well, I tried!

Happy Halloween from a cat, a ladybug, a witch, three tooth fairies and a butterfly!

Cozy at home counting their treasures! Johnny's doing a little bargaining for some candy! Thank goodness he has sisters that will share!!


Serving the King said...

Awwww so cute! What another great first for them and good gracious I want to move to your town! That looks like a blast!

Sarah said...

How fun!!

Cari said...

what a precious bunch you have! they look adorable in their costumes.

Chad and Kristy said...

Anna Li always said she didn't care for candy but she sure did sneak a whole lot of the chocolate when no one was looking:) She would always leave evidence on her face!

Karin said...

Sooooo cute! Looks like the girls are enjoying their first halloween. :) You definitely need some boys in that playgroup!

Sophie said...

Too cute, they all look adorable, and what a blessing to have Kate as a big sister, can I pleeaassssee adopt her??
I understand how discouraging all those comments can make you feel, I'm in the process of writing a post on a recent hurtful comment from a close family member. Those comments can really chip away at you but praise God for the amazing families in the blog world that are such a source of encouragement.

TanyaLea said...

We just about came to that party, but the big kids had events to go to and need rides, so I had to stick around. I'm so bummed that we missed another opportunity to meet the China group and YOU! Glad to hear there are other 'newbies' still joining in, too... I think I'm a little nervous about that, for some reason. Silly, I know. But so excited to meet you all. Hopefully the next one!!

The girls looked adorable... so fun!! :)