Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Beast!

I have been researching large capacity vans. They are hard to find and hard to imagine since none of the car dealerships actually have them. Usually they are nothing more than a picture. 

So often on the internet, I think I find one, only to be told "that only comes in an 8 passenger".
We have a Yukon XL now and we love it but very soon it is going to get too crowded in there and everyone needs a seatbelt!

Whenever we see a 12 to 15 passenger van parked or on the road I would take a good long look at it- trying to figure out if it would work for us, who makes them, what's inside of them and could I actually drive one of those things! If you have seen me peering in the window of one of these beasts do not worry, I am only doing research (and maybe invading someones privacy).

Yesterday we were able to actually see a 12 passenger van and ride in it!! There was lots of room for all our kiddos, it was so nice!!
I will miss my Yukon XL, it is so wonderful in the winter weather. I can go through any amount of snow in that thing! Weather would never stop us! Soon that will not be the case. Our new van only has rear wheel drive so any snow and ice and the kiddos and I will be staying home!

Our big kids are so funny! They were horrified that their Momma would be driving "the beast"! I told them it's okay I have no chance of being even remotely "cool" and now some of them can ride with us! They declined the invite!!

We decided to go with the 12 pass. instead of the 15 pass. It will still fit in our garage, in parking places and can still go through the car wash. I hope we won't regret going with the smaller version. We will take a few road trips but most of our driving will be around here!

We probably won't get it for a couple months. We excited for it to arrive!

(Let me see... let's do the math... there's still 4 extra seats...Hmmmm)


Shonni said...

Go For It your beast and declare to the world that you are one bless mother!!!
I have been driving a 15 pass. van for so long now, that I forget how big it is to the rest of the world. It really is not that hard to drive once you get use to it. I’m excited for you! Go fill that sucker up - with children!

Sally-Girl! said...

I think that is the same one we will be getting. I am still hopeful that my beloved paid for minivan will fit four carseats, Lu, Hubby and I! No room to spare, but it could work at least for a while.

What color did you get?

Lori said...

Hahaha! There was a time when I was embarrassed by my mini-van...and now we have actually toyed with the idea of getting a beast ourselves! Funny how our desires change when we seek what God wants us to do with our lives!

There is a family at our church who just got a 12 (or maybe it's 15?) passenger CONVERSION van. Wow, it's is gorgeous!! I'm so *jealous*!! It's black, tinted windows, has a raised roof, and is all decked out inside! And loads of room for a ton of kids. Love it!

Can't wait to see pics of you driving your new Big Mama Van!

Holly said...

Oh my, I have been thinking about the same thing lately. We HAVE a 12 passenger van even though we only have 5 kids at the moment. We bought it to pull our camper, and we have loved having it for that use, and it's great when we want to pick up a lot of kids for church, or taking friends places with us, or whatever. BUT, I hate it. I don't care what it looks like, but I do not like driving it because it is hard to park, hard to maneuver around tight spots, etc. So, I have always kind of thought in the back of my mind that we can never have more than 5 kids at home because I like my minivan too much!! lol. But lately I have started thinking that that is a really dumb reason to stop our family, and even my hubby who has always been the practical one has said he would be open to adopting more than a minivan would hold. And, to encourage you, I have several friends with large families who have big vans and love them. So, you'll need to let us know what you think. : )

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

YEAH!!! You have now joined cool moms with the BIG vans club- don't worry it is fun :) We got the 15 pass- for more space ( we take out the back row fr groceries and luggage :)

Wright Family said...

I drove a15 for years with my first drives like a 12 (the wheel base is the same)...ours took us back and forth across the US several times.....but I love the luxury of my YukonXL.....catherine

MoonDog said...

I am still peering in windows and asking people "how do you like that van?" and they probably think I am nuts. We arent in a position to get one just yet but its on the list. I will go with the 15 though if at all possible as we have ten kids and will need room for wheelchair for one and I know my minivan has NO ROOM for anything, groceries or whathaveyou. and this allows grandma or friends or family to come along with us sometimes. of course this is all in theory since I didnt buy anything yet. enjoy your van mama, drive it proudly, the fact that you NEED it says how awesome you are.

Angela said...

We just purchased a "beast" ourselves. It's a 12 passenger as well. Aside from trying to park in tight spots it's very easy to drive. Bet you'll love it when you get it!

Janet and Kevin said...

And I thought we were "cool" when we got our Mercury Marquis last year! Hee, hee! But you will be "way cooler" than us with room to spare!

If we do adopt a little daughter in the near future, our Mercury will be much too small! Yikes!!

Janet and gang

Pam said...

Welcome to the club of "beast" driving mamas! And my older kids are horrified as well. But that's ok. :) I mentioned to them the other day that, "Just think, we can all go in one vehicle this year to cut down our Christmas tree." The older 3 said they preferred to drive together in their own car. Sigh....

Laura L. said...

Too funny. Well congratulations on ordering The Beast. :)
I'm glad you found something you like that will work for you.
Well, hopefully there won't be too many times that you can't go somewhere due to the weather. Maybe it will only mean waiting a bit until they really get things cleared on the roads.
If you ever need to get out and about just call me. I'll still have a 4-wheel drive. LOL. I'll come get a few of you. ;)
My big kids have referred to my Trailblazer as a beast and it's not even that big.
Now, talk of not being cool. You KNOW we are cool moms.

Angie said...

What color? We could come up with a fun name for your beast! :)

Sophie said...

Wow, that beast looks like an awesome ride!!
My big kids are horrified that I drive an 8 passenger, they would collapse at the thought of me driving anything bigger. Ok I must confess I accidentally ran over the mailbox.
You'll have to let us know how it is driving a vehicle that big.

Karin said...

Haha...we still drive two cars everywhere because our older kids said they would walk before they were caught dead in a 12 or 15 passenger van. My husband is still recovering from needing a mini van so there is no chance of him getting the huge bus. :)

Kim said...

We refer to ours as the "School Bus". We have a 12 passenger. It is not really "cool" but we sure like having the space for all the kids. It even allows us to take a few friends along.

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Have you checked out the Dodge Sprinters???

Their are a lot of big families around us that drive them, I see them everywhere but have never looked inside one.

Also I have a friend that has a Dodge 12 person van and it is All Wheel drive!!! They live in snow country and it gets them everywhere!! It even has a little lift on it for snow clearance. Just a thought.

TanyaLea said...

So funny that your big kids 'declined the invite' LOL!!! ;)

I'm SOOOOOOO excited for you, Jean!! Sam and Ava will be so blessed to join your big happy family, and I KNOW you will be blessed by them!! They are SO worth the 'uncoolness' of trading the Yukon XL for THE BEAST!!! Sounds like a great trade-off to me! Can't wait to hear more about how God led you to these precious children. Congrats again!!

love ya,