Friday, October 1, 2010

The Name Game!

Okay... I know ya'll have a sense of humor, right! So here goes... The four names I gave you really are our four favorite names but there is more to the story!

All my life I have loved playing the name game!

About 7 years ago when hubby and I had no idea we were going to adopt, we decided to get a puppy- a beautiful golden retriever to go with one we already had. She was a deep brown/red and as cute as can be!

Well, we named this puppy Mia- yep, we did! It was during the Mia Hamm days and USA woman's soccer was big! Three years later we lost our doggy of 14 years and immediately got another new puppy! At this point the adoption seed had been planted but we thought that getting a new puppy would calm the desire  (obviously it didn't work). We named that puppy Missy! Ahhh, yaaaaa, so you see we have used 2 of our favorite names on dogs... and the dogs are alive and well... and living with us...

Being the positive thinkers we are we decided- no big deal, change the dogs name and move on! Well the older kids didn't quite agree and they think we are crazy! We did try to change the dogs names but the people that kept forgetting and kept calling them Mia and Missy were the hubster and myself!! It wasn't as simple as we thought it might be... smile! Smile again... hoping your smiling, too! Yes we know we are odd!!

It is pretty funny when we talk about it with Emma and Ellie, they get so confused! They wonder why we are talking about the dogs!

Soooo, we moved on in the name game and decided we really liked Maddie (Madeline)... But our older children oh so kindly reminded us that we occasionally call our oldest son Matt - Matty.

The saga continues because Mary is Hubby's sister- BUT she has a different last name!

Ya know, we also like Nell- Nellie but it rhymes with Ellie. So that doesn't work. Someone mentioned Mae or May but Ellie is Ella Mei.

We like Lily and we like Millie BUT it rhymes with Billy.

A friend is naming her new daughter Penelope- love it!! Guess what ? That's Katie's dog's name!

As you can see we have had a lot of fun with the name game! Someone is always laughing when we talk about our options or lack of options!! Except for the time I said that I loved the name Mary Kate... Our dear dear Katie looked at us as if to say- don't you dare! We quickly agreed and made it clear we just liked the name a lot! Don't worry honey!!

SOOOooooo, we are down to Mary Claire and Madeline (Matt has said it is fine with him- he does not feel replaced by a little girl from China- he is secure- that's good!)

I do love both of them- a ton! This may mean we'll have to head back to China again so we can have a Maddie and a Mary Claire- Just kidding, just kidding, just kidding, kind of! (or maybe if the dog goes to doggy heaven- okay, okay I'll stop there)!

Soon we will be deciding and you will be the first to know!! As usual your input is appreciated and enjoyed!!

Here are the results of the unofficial poll!

Mia - 13 votes
Melissa - 2 votes
Madeline - 9 votes
Mary Claire - 12 votes

Thank you for your input!!


Laura L. said...

Well she's a cutie, that's for sure. :)
All of your name game stuff is pretty funny.

Since your adopted daughters' names end in an "a", I'd be tempted to go with Mia. Anna, Sarah, Emma, Ella, and Mia. I think it has a nice ring to it. :)
But I sure do love Mary Claire. I think it's pretty too.

Well have fun with it all and let us know.

Have a good weekend.

Sher said...


I can't believe I forgot to mention my most favourite M name, Meredith. Mara for short.

Laura L. said...

Oops, my bad. Sarah doesn't end in an "a". Just sounds like it does. :)
I have seen her photo somewhere before, or maybe her in a different pose? Maybe I saw her on Rainbow kids. Hmmm.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

You make me laugh!!!!!

Mary Kate said...

I LOVE your posts!!!! You make me laugh, think and pray....Thanks!!!!
Of course I am partial to the "Mary" names and I know you will choose the right name...Growing up I was not crazy about my two word name (I asked family to call me "Sandy"for a while...LOL)...Can't wait to hear your decision!!!! I like Mallory, also!!!!

Sally-Girl! said...

I still say Sally!!!!

Karin said...

Hee! I can't wait until you decide. And I'm really happy to know that we aren't the only family who used a favorite name on a dog. Then...years later, (the dog had died) we used the name for one of our daughters. :)

Janet and Kevin said...

You are too funny! I can only imagine the conversations that go on in your home! LOL!!

Your new son and daughter are just darling, and I can hardly wait for them to be home with you all!

So happy for your family.

Janet and gang

Donna said...

I have two little darlings from China and their names are Gwenny Claire and Madeline!


Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Lani said...

hey jean!! how about charlotte? lauren? or mabel? miss you guys!! wish we could get together...


Lani said...

or sophie, sasha, harper, melanie...

you know i LOVE, LOVE the name game...

Lilly's Family said...


Jo's Corner said...

How about Molleigh/Molly? Melinda? Joceylnn?

Susie said...

How about Madeline (Maddie) Claire? Awfully close! While we were pending referral for Emily my sis in law named her new dog Emily. I was so mad! So I am glad you thought of changing your pups names- made me less mad! It was great meeting you in China this summer- i should be keeping up my blog as well as you are yours! And I only have 2!

Mama Fish said...

Okay, I have to chime in for some "M" names. Meghan, Molly, Melissa (Missy), Maggie, and McKenna.

Good Luck with your decision! :-)