Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Emma- an update

Today we took Emma to the adoption clinic. Everyone there was wonderful and we all felt the appointment was very helpful.

As we answered their questions and talked to them about our concerns we all realized how much progress Emma has made over the last three months. It has been nothing short of a miracle! And since everything is going in the right direction (some areas slower than other but still in the right direction) - we are going to continue with the current plan.

They recommended that Emma continue with OT, speech and ELL. She will also continue with her activities of swimming, karate and gymnastic. Expectations are low in all of them but again she continues to make baby steps. ( It may seem like a lot but all the girls do them together at the same time so it works for this Momma- they are kind of our homeschool gym class)

Some of the diagnosis I originally thought of are now in the past (at this point). They are thinking that she has sensory deprivation from neglect resulting in many delays and cognitive delays. 

Emma has not been able to make the language transition to English like the other children have. She seems to understand what we are saying but she cannot utter more than one or two occasional english words at a time and that is usually with prompting. In fact she is silent for a good portion of the day- taking everything in and answering with a nod of the head. She will officially be starting speech this week with a wonderful speech pathologist. I am looking forward to progress in this area, too- but of course my expectation are closer to reality than they previously were.

The adoption clinic is also sending us to a Pediatric Psychologist. He is an excellent DR and will be retiring in January. He just happens to be Chinese and although he is ending his career he has agreed to see Emma. Did I mention he speaks Mandarin! Thank you Jesus!

Hopefully we will be able to get more answers through him but for now we press on!

We have seen God written all over this adoption and it is so comforting! This little girl is such a joy to us and to think if we had known about her disability maybe, just maybe, we would have said no - that would have been a tragedy...  We would have missed out on so much, so much love, so much potential and so many blessings...


Acceptance with Joy said...

Somehow... without knowing a lot, she seems to be like our twins. Developmentally delayed on account of her previous environmental issues. We have seen amazing leaps and bounds in speech since we started light therapy and music therapy.

Just thought I would share.


Serving the King said...

Bless your heart Jean! That is a post written by a momma with so much love for her sweet daughter! That's what's it's all about friend! Love of her Savior and the love of her family!

Sarah said...

So glad that she has you and you have her!

Angie said...

God knew Emma was right for your all needed each other! Praising God for Emma's baby steps, for the Mandarin speaking dr., and for all of His provisions!

Adeye said...

Yayeeee, what a beautiful praise report. She is totally going to blossom and grow, my friend.

Sue said...

It is amazing what God does. Emma is so lucky to have you guys to help her become the best that she can be.

Sophie said...

It makes me so sad when I hear the delays due to neglect, my daughter was adopted at a much younger age but experienced the same issues.

How blessed she is to be in a family that will address her every need and to have such an excellent team of doctors and therapist to support her.

Your right God is written all over this!

Mama Fish said...

I look forward to hearing about how Emma progresses and how God grows and changes her. I am amazed in how He has provided this Mandarin speaking Dr for you. The Lord truly is in every detail.

Sally-Girl! said...

She is exactly where God planted her to be!!! She is going to bloom into a beautiful child of God because of her sweet momma!!!

Love you friend with all my heart!!!

Holly said...

God always knows what He is doing, doesn't He?? If we would have known ahead of time about Sarah's cancer, we probably would have said no! But PRAISE THE LORD He does not let us in on all the details. He just gives us what He knows is best, and lets us realize it later how wise and wonderful He is. : )

Jboo said...

Sounds like you have a great plan for your sweet Emma. Keeping you all in prayers for continued success! Take care.


Laura L. said...

God does all things well! He will continue to help Emma with her progress and help you as her parents.
It's wonderful to hear about the help she'll be having.
A Pediatric Psychologist who speaks Mandarin? Only God could orchestrate that.

Jo's Corner said...

I have read this post several times and I keep coming back to one sentence: "Expectations are low in all of them...". That makes me sad. I believe that we should have positive expectations for all of our children.
My 3 yr. old niece was in CICU after open heart surgery. She was not expected to live. That came from her doctors. When my sister called me, sobbing, to tell me this, I immediately said:

"Speak things that aren't, as though they ARE, until they ARE and they WILL BE"!

And, she was touched by that and began to speak Healing and Life into her baby girl until she WAS Alive and Awake and Full of Life!

So I encourage you to have great expectations for Miss Emma. Speak Healing over her life. Because, I see a very, very bright and intelligent young girl when I look at her face! And, I'll be joining you and will be Praying for her! It's so obvious to me through the photos, that she has changed so much since she came home!

Love, Love, Love all of your girls! Hugs ~ JO