Saturday, October 16, 2010

We Have A Name!!

We have a name for our sweet girl! We are so excited and it feels so right!!
I have had this feeling that it should be Mary but was having trouble bonding to the name and thinking of her as a Mary.

Then the other day I saw an adorable little Avery- she was so cute and the name Ava Marie popped into my head! The family has all voted yes for it and it does not conflict with any existing names!

So AVA MARIE it is!!

We will call her Ava most of the time! It fits in with our other names and it is short and sweet- easy for this Momma to call out with all the other names!

I can hear it now!
Sarah, Emma, Ellie, Ava, Anna and Sam- dinner!!

I didn't post for the last couple days because I spilled a latte on my computer keyboard- what a bummer! We turned it upside down and wiped it off. The sticky latte dripped out of it. I am surprised it is even working now but feeling very thankful!!

Thank you for playing the name game with me (over and over again)! It was fun for us, too!!

Last night as we decided the name we realized our three little one will be closer than we thought. I guess we just didn't take the time to figure it all out! ;-)
The three of them will be 14 months apart from start to finish!
I think we will be having lots of fun here at our house!!


Tara Anderson said...

I have an Eva Marie :) Love the choice of the name!!!

Mark said...

I love the name! I cannot wait for my new sister!

TCI is amazing,
Miss you all,

God's Grace said...

Ava Marie is a beautiful name. and it looks like you are already having fun ;) God Bless, Terry

Serving the King said...

Oh Jean I love it!! Yay Ava Marie!!

Lori said...

So sweet that Mark commented! Love that!

And I love the name you picked.

It's absolutely perfect!

Karen said...

Love the name. I have to admit, I practiced calling all of our kiddos to make sure our newest son's name was easy enough to get out at the end:-) (He is our 7th and all are still young enough to be called:-)

How sweet that your son commented. Something so sweet about older brothers looking out for their younger sisters.

We have 4 littles (4&5yrs old) that are within 18 months of each other. The house is lively! They make such a joyful noise:-) I know you will love that noise just as I do (or have learned to:-)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love the name!!!

We have our 3 boys all within 1 YEAR, and we have one week where everyone is the "same age". We call it our triplets week :) Hey, makes it fun.

Pam said...

Perfect! I love it!

TanyaLea said...

oh Jean ~ FIRST OFF ~ 'belated' CONGRATULATIONS!! Seriously, I have got to quit staying away from Bloggyland so long! I am BEYOND happy for you. I clearly have some catching up to do. Maybe if I actually made it to some of our local FCC gatherings, I'd know this stuff already, huh!?!

LOVE the happy for you! :)

Now, I'm off to 'catch up' on my fellow MN friend!! ;)


pbfoster said...

Beautiful name. Congrats on your next 'waiting game'...hang in there!

Our two girls are 5 MONTHS apart--best of playmates now--and we're considering adding a boy smack dab in the middle(loving having my own little preschool class!)
As long as you're following God's lead on this adventure, it'll all work out!

Angie said...

Beautiful! It reminds me of the Ava Maria song that I hear at Christmas time...but pronounced a little bit different.

Adeye said...



Nicole A. said...

Perfect- love it! What a beautiful name! Congrats!

All the best,
Nicole A. in LA

Duchess of Lanier said...

Beautiful! And love your practicing calling the names in a row. Can't wait to have to consider that.
Happy Fall!

Sally-Girl! said...

You crack me up over the name game. The only one I said is a mouthful with your last name and you go and pick!!!!! But I do like it and it goes great with the other girls. I am just happy that you have publicly announced it as you officially can't change it now!!!

Love you!!!

Sarah said...

beautiful name...beautiful girl.

David and Janet Hurley said...

Great name=) Get ready for the triplet question everywhere you go.
Four of our kids in 22 month age range. Great for homeschooling!!

Sophie said...

Great choice, it's a lovely name!

joeks said...

Very nice choice!

mary said...

Great choice! I am partial to the name since one of my granddaughters is named Ava.

Tammy said...

2 A's, 2 E's, 2 S's - works out just fine!