Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Walk!

We made sure to take a walk this weekend in one of the local state parks! It is so beautiful outside and the trees are still hanging onto a few of their leaves!

The girls loved playing in the leaves that were on the ground!

And throwing them in the air!

So often we have big winds around this time that totally take off many of the leaves but this year has been different. We have had warm temps and gentle breezes! Sometimes it looks like it is gently raining leaves- definitely a site to be seen!!

I couldn't resist snapping away!

This one quickly got tired and needed a ride! 

While your looking at the pictures let's talk names... again!
We can't do Mia because of the dog, unless of course you say we can... I do love that name!
We Can't do Madeline because her name would be Maddie and we have a Matty (Matthew)- inless you say we can!
I love Mary Claire but I am struggling bonding with the name... It is beautiful BUT I don't know...
Someone suggested that we go with an A name that works with Anna since they are the younger 2 girls. So I thought of Ava Marie or Avery Marie- what do ya think?

So the younger crew would be Sarah, Emma, Ellie, Ava, Anna and Sam?
Sarah, Emma, Ellie, (insert other name), Anna and Sam?
Just want you to know I have never done this with names- I always have a name before we have a daughter!

Making progress every day- one little step at a time!
(((Hugs to you, sweet girl)))

We looked behind us and this is what we saw! Absolutely lovely!

We looked ahead of us and saw this beautiful site!
How could it be that at this point in our lives we have been so blessed!

We missed peak by a week or two but it was still so lovely!

So many new experiences for this little one!

Come on Emma- catch up to us!!

We did run into a few wild animals!

Isn't this just calling your name? Don't you want to talk a walk, right now? Aren't you curious to see what beautiful site lies around the corner?

I will never tire  of this...

US- the seasoned parents! I try to snap pic of us here and there so we are all set for the next dossier!!

Just had to take this pic and see if it would come out as magical as it looked in person!
I don't have a good camera- just my cannon pocket camera- but it's easy to carry and takes pretty good pics!

This amazes me half red/ half green! Gorgeous!!

And again, if you want to comment on possible NAMES for this hard to please confused Momma, please do!!


Nancy said...

Love both Ava and Avery a little more.

Nicole A. said...

Beautiful scenery! Really missing that since we moved down to Louisiana last month, and the leaves are all still green. Not even sure how much fall foliage they get here!

Anyway, I love A names, and I really like both of your selections. We know a ton of little girls named Ava (my daughter has 12 friends with that name, in the ages of 3-6)! But I think it is gorgeous, and it goes well with your other names.

Other A names I like are Alyssa/Alissa and Alana.

Good luck! Whatever you like will be the perfect choice!

All the best,
Nicole A. in LA (no longer in OH!)

Sarah said...

Love Avery or Ava. Gorgeous pictures...I miss MN!!


Deb, Russ, Lily, Lucy and Lainey said...

Ivy Mae!! Is my choice. The pics are beautiful and we love your family!!

Laura L. said...

Avery and Ava are both cute. I lean toward Ava. :)
I like it better with your last name too.

Holly said...

Oh, I just LOOOOOVE fall!!!! Seriously, so breathtaking. I just wish it lasted a bit longer. And my advice is to just pick a name and say it lots of time for a few days, and you will either start loving it more, or not. That's what happens to me, anyway. I think they are all great...Sorry. :)

Meister Family said...

I love both names but I like the idea of going with the names ending in an A so I guess that would be Ava. Your new little one kinda looks like a little Ava to me!
Awesome autumn pictures by the way!

Blessed Single Mom said...

I really like both of the names but Avery is my favorite. I know to many Ava's at this time. One of my daughter's best friends is Ava.
I also love FALL!!! What a beautiful place for a walk.

Joan said...

This Fall is amazing here isn't it?

How about Addie Rae? Or maybe its spelled Addy Rae.

Janet and Kevin said...

Jean -

Lovely pictures! Your joy over your daughters is so touching,too!

Kevin and I absolutey love taking a walk in our favorite park. Many walks there have been prayer walks about our adoptions. We feel so close to God in that park. Looks like you do too!

janet and gang

Angie said...

I kind of like the "A" name Angela/Angie...heehee!

Barbara said...

What about Amy its sweet and simple and goes with the other names as it has that old-fashioned appeal that all your other names have from big kids down to little kids Matt, Billy, Katie, Mark, Johnny, Sarah, Emma, Ellie, Amy, Anna and Sam. It also is not used so much like Ava there are so many Ava's

quilt-n-mama said...

Beautiful pictures!!!! Looks like a wonderful time together! As for names, no help here, I am terrrible at them!

mary said...

Love the name Ava (one of my granddaughters is Ava), like Avery also but maybe Ava a little more.

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

My daughter is Ava Marie!!! Love that name! ;-)

Mom to my China Posse said...

How about Alivia?

David and Janet Hurley said...

I love Avery--my daughter's name. It's pretty rare too, at least where we live, we've never met another.

Mary Kate said...

I saw people advocating for your new daughter on a advocating site and facebook!!!! e-mail me and I will give you the information, so they know she has a family!!!!!
Mary Kate

soontobemomof9 said...

I love Avery, and Aubrey, and Alyiah....

Beauitful pics! I'm jealous! :)

Blessed Single Mom said...

Hi I was in the carpool line at school today and saw one of my daughters friends. She is the funniest little girl. Her name is Addy short for Addison. I noticed someone else mentioned this name. I love Addy Ray or Addy Grace. Could be spelled different ways.

Adeye said...

Ava and Avery are both stunning names, friend.

Oh wow---that park is STUNNING. Your leaves are so much more yellow than ours are down here in VA. I love God's creativity---and to think He did it all just for our pleasure.

Karen said...

I love the pictures!! Beautiful scenery and beautiful girls!!

In our family we had 3 "J" names, 2 "N" names and 1 "A" name. My daughter (the "A" name) requested we name our newest son an "A" name since it wasn't fair that she was the only "A". I never thought it would bother her, but she felt left out. Saying that, I would suggest you use an "A" name so that Anna has someone with the same letter since you have Sarah and Sam("S") and Ellie and Emma ("E"). Just a thought and what was brought up in our house. And, yes we did give our son and "A" name:-)

BTW, I like Ava:-)

Mandi said...

WOW, those pictures are great. Fall is my favorite time of the year, the colors are so rich and beautiful.

So, here is my vote for the name. I LOVE Ava Marie, and here's why...

As soon as I saw the name Ava Marie, I immediately thought of the song Ave Maria. I have always loved that song. Just my two cents.

Sally-Girl! said...

The photos are beautiful!!!! Makes me a tad bit envious, wishing our family could get out like that right now and enjoy God's canvas!! Reminds me of Napa! Wink wink!!!

hey how about Alina? I am starting to like that now too so you better hurry up and make a final decision!!!

Karin said...

GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!! And yes, they make me want to take a walk in the woods. :)

As for names...hmmm...I like Ava but someone's idea of Addy Grace is cute, too. Or maybe Addie Grace.