Sunday, November 21, 2010

27 yrs ago

We had our first little baby! We were thrilled to meet our little Matthew James at 7:29 pm! We already had 3 nieces so a little boy was quite the novelty! He was as adorable as can be with 2 huge dimples! I have a thing for dimples! 

Our little guy stole our hearts right away! Having him was a dream come true for us. For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a Mom- and on this very special day God gave us a gift beyond belief!

It was so wonderful seeing him and Caitlin last weekend! We loved spending time with them!

The day our first child was born was hubby's 27th birthday, too!

I new right then and there I'd never have to worry about his birthday again because he just got the best present he could ever get- a baby boy!

Happy Birthday Jim and Matt!! I love you guys!!


Hezra said...

so sweet! Happy birthday to your men! I got a baby boy almost on MY birthday 11 yrs ago. lol, labor began after my sursprise bday party! THAT made my hubby realize NEVER SURPRISE HEZRA!

Sally-Girl! said...

Happy Birthday to one of the best dads ever and to Matt who probably doesn't read this blog!!!!

Lori said...

Oh, what a happy day!

I hope both of your great birthday fellas had a wonderful day!

julie said...

Happy Birthday to them both! How cool that they share a birthday. I have to admit Nov. 21st is a good birthday to's mine, too!

Still waiting on our LID....I'm hoping to get it tomorrow as a belated birthday gift!

Serving the King said...

Ok first of all Happy, Happy Birthday to your Birthday boys....errrr men. Secondly, LOL on your comment on Sally's blog about the Advent tin. Girl you CRACK ME UP!!! Thanks for the laugh tonight!

Anita said...

Well Happy Birthday guys! What a double blessing that is for sure. Sooo hard to believe our oldest was 24 this year...they just can't be that old, can they?

And interesting....I LOVE dimples and all my kids (Kaylin included...gotta find out on Kaleb) have one or more! Too fun!

Janet and Kevin said...

How sweet to have two of your special men's birthdays on the same day.

Janet and gang

Sophie said...

Happy birthday for your two wonderful men!!

Karen said...

My first born son came into this world on my husband's birthday also...almost 31 years ago! I still clearly remember my dh telling me to hurry up and deliver so he could be born on his birthday.
Karen H.