Saturday, November 27, 2010

Great Post on Older Child Adoption!

Please check out this wonderful post on older child adoption!

This family adopted a child a year ago last September and then brought home her roommate via disruption 2 months later.

They are a wonderful family and are blessed with these two daughter BUT there are many challenges- it is not easy and this by no means was not "the perfect" situation.

I have followed this family for years and hold them in the highest regard. They love our Lord Jesus!

Mom is an eloquent writer and she says it like it is!

She does not have a blog but instead writes on Journey To Me
click on adoption journals and her family is Journey to Anaia Simone. You may have to click on "next" in order to find her journal. She does not post a lot and they are listed in order of most recent post (hope that makes sense!).

I was directed to her journal when we were making the decision to adopt older for the first time (our Sarah). They had just adopted Nina. Reading her journal was very powerful and I felt the Lord's presence in her writing. It made it easy for us to say yes, yes, YES to God!


Nancy said...

Read her entry, and you are right. She writes beautifully. Could you please tell me the name of her blog? I would love to follow her. Thanks.

Shonni said...

I’m so glad that you shared this!!!

Jill said...

WOW! Incredible post! Love how she shares her heart!
Thanks Jean!