Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Great Weekend!!

This was our first trip since Emma and Ellie have been home! The girls were very nervous to fly on a plane again. Emma had a very serious and confused look on her face. We had explained what we were doing many times but I think they just couldn't understand it until they experienced it.

We had great seats all right next to each other - which was a miracle because we were originally scattered throughout the plane.

Our first stop was our adoption agency. We wanted to put faces with all the names of the people that have been helping us with our journey to Samuel and Ava! 

 We loved meeting everybody! They gave us a tour of the facility! 
It just so happens they were putting the finishing touches on our dossier as we arrived!

Their it is! WooHoo!! It was sent to China later that afternoon 11/12/2010! Such great news! We are so thankful!!

Here is our luggage, I mean children!
A couple hours after arriving Emma started to relax and enjoy herself!

In the evening guess what we got to do?
Yep! We got to see this wonderful friend of ours again and hear her speak!

Many of her kiddos were there but I did not get a pic of them- so sorry...
She did a wonderful job speaking! She talked about her story, her journey of faith and service to our Lord, her challenges and our Lords victories in her life!  She spoke about priorities, simplifying ones life to make room to serve HIM and getting rid of the clutter within us and around us to make OUR journey of service more attainable and our path clear! The verses she referred to was Mark 1:16-20. 

We were able to visit with Linny and Dw before and after the program- they are the nicest people and it was such a blessing to see them! There were 2 other bloggy friends there- Beccy and Serena. It was a joy to meet them, too!

We spent the next day with Matt and Caitlin! Oh my this Momma loved seeing her biggest boy and his girlfriend! I am so thankful to have had this time with them. We all miss them so much.

They are loving Colorado! Both have jobs and things seem to be falling into place with them! Hoping someday we can make a little announcement!

After coffee and cocoa at Stella's we drove up to Evergreen. What a cute little town! The girls were  amazed with the mountains- we kept hearing them say bue- ful bue-ful! Look maw-ans! Translated that means beautiful, beautiful, look at the mountains!

We had lunch and went for a walk in Evergreen.

This was the first time Emma and Ellie had ever seen snow- they were thrilled! It was just a little bit but they loved it! 

It was so beautiful! The air was crisp and cool! I am so thankful to have been able to be with my big boy and hopefully my future daughter in law!

Meanwhile back at home this was happening!! The girls don't know what they have missed! Snow, snow and more snow!

Auntie Kathy is holding down the fort at home and she sent us this pic!

Tomorrow is another fun day for us! We will be getting together with another adoptive family! Anna and their daughter Kaya came home at the same time- we all met in China and have stayed in touch! Our girls are excited to visit them and play with their children!! Thank you Laura and Robert!!


Janet and Kevin said...


You and your family make me smile. You are such a beautiful family. I would have loved meeting both you and Linny in person. Maybe someday in the near future we will!

hugs from Indiana
Janet and gang

Lori said...

What a fun, fun time!!

Serena said...

Jean- It was so great meeting you! Your family is beautiful and such an inspiration to me.
Praying the rest of your trip and your flight home is wonderful.

Annie said...

Great pics! Sounds like y'all had a great time! I follow Linny's blog. How cool to be able to meet! Congrats on being DTC and how neat to be able to see it right before it is sent!

Sally-Girl! said...

Glad you had such a great time! Now you just need to get back out to California!!!

Pam said...

Oh what fun! I don't envy what you came home to, though. :)

The Heald Family said...

Thinking of y'all when we saw that you had snow!
I wish I could have joined you and Laura & families! Have a blast together - I'll be there next time:)

Holly said...

What a fun trip!!! And I sure recognize those agency faces. Hooray for CCAI!! : )

Sophie said...

Looks like a fun filled family vacation.

Sue said...

Glad you are having fun and can't wait to hear what the girls think of the snow at their house. ERin doesn't like it and said she won't play in it...I wonder how long that will last

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

How long are you in CO?? You are in my neck of the woods!!!! We have been home 1 week with our 9 year old daughter from China!!!!

TanyaLea said...

Oh what a wonderful getaway!! I'm so jealous ( in a VERY happy-for-you kind of way!! ) that you got to hear Linny speak... I love her!! What a nice photo of the two of you together.

And fun to see pics of Matt, too. How is his back doing, btw?...has he fully recovered from his injury last year?

Oh Jean, I always love reading about your beautiful family and your adventures... you truly inspire me, sweet friend!!

love you,