Monday, November 1, 2010

How are you going to do it?

I get this question so often it is beginning to bother me! It usually comes from a person that has made completely different life choices than us. I am guessing they couldn't imagine themselves doing it or they wouldn't want to do it. It's probably both!

That comment doesn't exactly boost my confidence. I feel like the opposition(Satan) would love to put negative thoughts into my head "like maybe I can't do it" or "maybe we shouldn't do this" and "because our family looks different from other families than their must be something wrong with us". He would love it if we didn't serve the Lord. If we didn't love the children and bring them home. He (the opposition) uses unsuspecting friends and family for his own gain by casting doubt on those that are serving HIM.

How are we going to do it? I 'm not quite sure how we will do it. I know we cannot do it on our own. But I do know someone that can do it- our Lord! Believe me we will be praying our way through every moment of "it" and putting all our trust in HIM.

I think I would be more worried about how we will "do it" IF I had a complete plan. Why? Because things never go as planned and we need to be ready to make necessary adjustments as the twists and turns come our way. We need to be flexible, "trust" HIM and see where He leads us! 

When I tell people we are adopting 2 new treasures from China I usually jump right into "and we probably will be adopting again after that, too". Why do I say that? I shouldn't have too, I don't owe anyone more information on our family choices. I think I do it so that the shock of having 6 treasures is nothing compared to how many treasure we may have. It's probably a bit of a defense mechanism on my part. Or maybe I am trying to surprise them before they surprise me with their response.

So my answer today is I don't know how we will do it but we feel confident and comforted that with HIM we can do it, and we can do it well! The Lord will not let us down, HE will keep his promises and HE will be with us every step of the way.

When I get a little nervous and think "Oh My" I just scurry on over to your blogs and I see that you are doing "it". I see your faith, the joy your children bring you and the joy you have from serving him. I see how you lean on him and he carries you through the tough times. It boosts my confidence- I think "hey, they are doing it, we can, too"! This must be why I enjoy reading your blogs so much! I feel like I am watching God in action! So thank you friends, for sharing your stories! You help us on our journey!

Anna (4.5 yrs) and her BFF Scarlett (2.5 yrs)

Ellie - the witch!

Sarah - the cat!

 Emma - the ladybug!

Anna - the butterfly!

Our Girls! Katie did the make up and went trick or treating with the little girls!


Duchess of Lanier said...

You will do it with love.

And your little tricksters look adorable! Fab make-up artist you have!

Pam said...

Oh what cute little trick or treaters you have, Jean! And a wonderful big sissy, too! Our big sissy also took the littles out on Halloween night.

And as to the rest of your post~ AMEN. You CAN do, and you WILL DO it. His strength will be made perfect in YOU!

Holly said...

Of course you can do it! You can do ANYTHING through Christ who is so wonderful in keeping his promises to strengthen us. :) Praying for you along your journey! And your girls looked adorable in their costumes!

Nancy said...

Maybe you can ask them "How are you going to NOT do it?".

I think many people ask how you are going to do it not out of worry for you, but out of fear they themselves have if they were to do it. Others are going to be jealous (if they lack money, spouses support, energy, or household space) no matter what. And many feel like they fall short in the parenting area and wouldn't be able to do justice with a larger group. Some aren't emotionally or physically healthy enough. And you know there are many who don't have the Lord on their side.

And me? I'm just thrilled to be along for the ride, to share in your joy, and hopefully be supportive during the rough patches. It's none of my beeswax what someone else chooses to do, but it is my privilege to get to go on the adventure along with you!

I choose to be happy for you!

Updated by Lila Huggins (grandmother) said...

Two of the most beautiful, loving, Christian families I know,are the duggars and the Bates! (friends of the Duggars) I feel certain if they can do "IT" with their awesome broods, that you can do "IT" too!! Yes, you will need HIS help, but don't we all?
There are the JOY KILLERS in life, indeed! But you have the right idea, don't let Satan get to you thru them!

Love your blog!
Miss Lila in Atlanta

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Hmmm...that sounds soooo familiar! He he he....and don't worry- you will do it because you know your source of strength!!!! That is how! Because you desire to follow HIM more than please others.....and that is how. Your desire for a 12 passenger is more than your desire to be "cool". Your heart is in that mindset. Ours too! That is how you will do "it" :)

Don't let any doubts sneak in!!! You are doing the RIGHT "IT"!!!!

Shonni said...

YOU are so encouraging to me. Thank you for sharing!

Rebekah said...

What a great post! Thank you for sharing your heart! I hear this a good bit, and this is only our first adoption. My thoughts are exactly what you expressed: I really don't know how I will do it, but I trust the One who I know will do it through us!

Chris said...

I got asked that too today...I edit an adoption magazine and am a mom. I wondered underneath if she was asking if my floors are clean and the cobwebs cleaned up...(they aren't BTW)
Guess I' m not very confident either and am not sure how I get through the days...I only homeschool one the rest go to school

Kelly said...

When we lived in Seattle and I was pregnant with my third daughter in 5 years, I had people stop me on the street and talk to me about zero population. I had my tubes tied, and STILL got pregnant with #4 but thankfully was living back in the south where some still have large families, but acutally was asked long distance if I didn't think I was "hoarding" children. HOARDING! I love the chaos of my house, and wish I could figure out a way to adopt the sons I long to have, but I have a husband standing firm against it at the moment, and I can't do it without him. So..... adopt the heck out of where ever you want, stand proud and firm in your convictions, and love the pieces out of all those kids - because I wish I could, but can't at the moment (but it doesn't stop me from praying hard). Don't explain.....exemplify.

Janet and Kevin said...

Needed to hear your post tonight! Oh how the enemy of our souls loves to put negative thoughts into our adoption processes. I know he does that with me.

I just need to remember to listen to the one voice who knows - God.

thanks again for writing about this subject.

janet and gang

Annie said...

Thank YOU, Jean! Beautiful post. I got this comment when we adopted our first child (we had 4 bio kids) who became our 5th! Just do not understand why others shouldn't feel joyful about another child finding the love of a family! Very sad!

joeks said...

I'm agreeing with Nancy's comment, and also choosing to be happy for you!

Sue said...

I understand you complete Jean, and you know what, "how do you do it'? People say that to me, and I just say back "I just do it" Like you said, we have The greatest person helping us and that is God. So that is how you do just do it. Great seeing you last Friday and the kids looked so adorable. I hope they had fun learning some thing new.

Life Unbound said...

We heard the same thing from people when we got ready to bring #4 and #5 home. In fact, I wasn't even sure how I was going to do it, but like you, trusted God to give us whatever we would need to get the job done. He has been faithful and He will be faithful to you too. Day by day, He does provide the energy, strength, and wisdom that we need. Truthfully, I'd love to have all of what we'll ever need given to me right now, but instead have to rely on Him each day (which is really how it's supposed to be anyways, right?). Be confident - He's called you to something big and He'll be there to see it through to completion!

TanyaLea said...

This is a very encouraging post, Jean. You're right, you don't 'owe' anyone anything, but I understand your need to "speak ahead" in predefense, as if you know what's coming next.

When I look at you and your family, I just think "WOW! I want to be like them when I grow up!!" Seriously, you are so beyond blessed, as are your lovely children. I love your heart for the orphans, and if we could afford it, we'd be back for a sibling for Khloe already, too. All in His timing, I know!

You inspire me, dear friend. Keep up the great posts and speaking the truths of your heart. I can't wait to watch your family grow yet again, and then again after that, and maybe even again... !!! :)


expressmom said...

This may be a case of hearing 100 positive things but listening to the 1 negative thing. Please don't allow negative comments to weigh more than positive ones.

I have not adopted any children, so I am not really in a position to comment, but I can't help myself!

If I were in your position I would have two ready answers, #1 (if they identify themselves as Christians):
"If all Christians were doing their part to help these orphans I wouldn't be able adopt this many!"
and #2,:
"Do you think these children are better off living as orphans without the love of a forever family? Please explain how providing a loving home, medical care, siblings, and an education is wrong."

Although I am sure you have more & better retorts!

From this mom of only 2 bio's, I wish you all the luck and send you mountains of support.