Thursday, November 18, 2010

In The News!

On Monday morning we were having our Christmas lights put up. The poor guys had to do it in the new fallen snow from the weekend!

While homeschooling that morning the doorbell rang. We all ran to answer it and were so surprised to see a local TV crew at our door! Of course my first thought was "Oh no, who did what?"

It turns out they were doing a little spot on small businesses and today's feature was on the lighting crew at our house!

They clean windows in the Spring/ Summer/ Fall and do Christmas lighting in the winter!

About an hour later the doorbell rang again. They wanted to interview me. I was nervous- I am not witty,  I am not profound, I'm not wise, I'm not quick and the list goes on!

I stayed focused on the  small business that was putting up the lights BUT they did ask about the girls.

They were all so nice! They loved the girls and were thrilled to see them playing in the snow for the first time!

And... if your wondering where we are in this little TV time? Well, ahh, we got cut! Nixed, history, so long, farewell!

Oh well, so we decided hot cocoa was necessary! Kind of a band aid, ya know what I mean!

So I guess the title of the post should be- In The News... Or Not!


Lori said...

Oh my gosh, that's so funny! I can't believe they cut you. Ouch! But really, you and your darling girls would have taken the focus off the real story. my estimation they cut you so you wouldn't steal the show! :)

Karin said...

Oh how funny! Well, you never know...maybe someday they will need a special interest story on adoption and they will remember you. :) Trust me...once they have your name, you CAN get calls. BTDT. :)

Your girls looks SO cute...such colorful snow gear. I would so love to come and photograph them playing in the snow. hee!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

My only question is- how could they not put those cute faces in the news??? Hello!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so newsworthy! INSPIRING! I have a feeling that you will get a call another day. I suspect the producer thought that a quick last minute interview was not appropriate, you and your family deserve much more!

TanyaLea said...

OMGoodness... Kare11 is my news station, so I was gonna say...I should've seen you. But guess not. LOL! ;) I can't believe they 'cut' you after taking the time to interview. Maybe they had time to kill and were just looking for an excuse to get out of the cold. HaHa!!

You have a positively beautiful home, Jean... I love your taste in decor...right up my alley! :)

Cute pics of the girls. Where did you find such adorable snowsuits? I especially love the white one with the striped snowpants and matching hat/mittens...SUPER cute!

I REALLY want to make it to the Christmas party. It is probably our most busy weekend in all of December, except for Christmas. We have Martin's family coming for the weekend to watch Breanna's school musical (Greece), Dawson's basketball tourney on Saturday, and our church's Christmas program on Sunday. But we're hoping to have some energy left over to make it to the party. I just told him tonight that I want him to come along, so hopefully we can make it!! What is the 'dress/attire' btw... are people dressing up at all, or keeping it casual?


Angie said...

Honestly! Do they not know a cool family when they interview one?? :)

Serving the King said...

LOL Jean! Gracious what an experience! I probably would have still been in my worn out PJ's with my hair sticking out in 18 different directions trying to look dignified on camera. You go girl!

Learning Together at Home said...

Sooo funny. Good thing you're a Mama blogger, you can tell them they are famous even up here in Canada. lol

Hezra said...

so sorry you got cut... but um, you are already famous to us! lol I got cut once too. it stings. But their loss!

Holly said...

Well, that was exciting whether or not you actually got to be on TV! Although, with adorable snowsuits like those, I can't believe those girls didn't make the cut!