Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mountain Climbing!

Last Thursday I went to a Homeschool support group meeting. The had a speaker who talked about organization.

I was late (obviously an unorganized person) because I wasn't sure where we were meeting (it changed from last year). I knew it was a church nearby so I went to one of the closest churches BUT low and behold it was at the church that was even closer to our house. My bad! I wasted time not knowing which church it was at. That is a no no in the world of organizers!

After 15 minutes into the lecture, I mean presentation, I started to sweat! I can not do what they want me to do. I cannot have every aspect of my life organized.

I refuse to kill spontaneity!

Okay, okay and I refuse to work that hard!

And I'm not capable of it. It just isn't my talent, my gift or my thing!

Cleaning out stuff- yep, I need to do it! Purging, yep I need to do it! Organizing some things, yep I need to do it! Simplifying, Oh yes, I need to do it!

But honestly this was taking it to a whole other level. A level way beyond my capabilities and desires!

But it did motivate me to get moving on what I could do!
(and yes, I left as soon as we got a five minute break- it was either leave or have a nervous breakdown- just kidding!)

Here is the mudroom closet!! Oh my it is a mess!

Two hours later here it is again!! The girls were thrilled to find shoes that fit them under all of the stuff!!

And this ladies and gentlemen is a laundry room counter!! I forgot the before pic of this one- it was bad! Mountains of stuff! 

Once again I love my laundry room!!
And the mudroom closet!


Adeye said...



I also LOVE a clean house. But dang...I hate cleaning it.

Susan A said...

your organisation is beautiful! (the photos are a proof!) :)

keep it up, gal :)

ljones500 said...

hi jean,
i have followed you daily, since you went to china last. thank you and blessings. our family is similar to yours and we travel again probably near the time you do, we will get two as well, 6 year old girls. they are 18kg and 102cm and 103cm. so, i think they must have switched the 3 and the 0. our dossier was sent late last week, to china.
thank you for letting me follow your journey- it has been a helpful blessing. we have never adopted older special needs so i feel so blessed to watch your journey. someday i will have a blog to share! i homeschool too- NO TIME!
With a thankful heart,
laura jones

Janet and Kevin said...

Jean - you crack me up! I can just imagine you sitting at that homeschool meeting (after finally getting there!) and hardly being able to stay there any time at all! Hee, hee!

I am impressed with the way you cleaned and organized your closet and counter! Can you come to my house and do the same?!!

janet and gang

Sophie said...

It's a big job staying organized when you have a big family, your laundry room is awesome by the way.

Your story on being late for the meeting made me LOL, that is the exact same thing I would do, and I have!

Serving the King said...

Dear Jean, please roll out the sleeping bag. I am coming to live in your laundry room. Love, Sonia.

Mom to my China Posse said...

Wow! I have laundry room envy!

Karin said...

I love your laundry room, too! :) Know what you mean about those homeschool meetings. I would always be thinking, "HUH?!?!?! There is no way I can do that!" Good for you to stick to what is working FOR YOU and your kids! There is no perfect way to homeschool. You go, girl!