Monday, November 22, 2010

Feeling Peace!

Do you remember that feeling- the feeling where everything just feels right in your little world. 

The feeling where you are overcome by extreme peace and contentment.

It may happen when you hold your new child in your arms or when you rock them.

It is an unforgettable feeling- one that I want to hold on too.

Today is the kind of day- that brings it on. We are huddled inside, a few snow flakes are falling, it is cold and dreary out. Our schedule is light- no running around today. 

We have been able to joyously do school and watch some of the movie- Babies.

We will do a little more school and read Thanksgiving books this afternoon.

It just feels so good, so peaceful, so meant to be!

And just as they were telling about it, Jesus himself was suddenly standing there among them. Peace be with you," He said.
Luke 24:36

Praying for peace for you today!

(Truth be told I just want to enjoy this for now because soon I will be posting on how depressing this weather is!)


Shonni said...

What a sweet time for you and your children! Here is snow, but, wow, is it cold! That’s good though, we have family traveling here tomorrow!

Susan A said...

your post got me smiling :)

thanking Him for the sweet times He has given us.

julie said...

Hi Jean,
Just found out today...our LID is 11/12/10!!!!

Sally-Girl! said...

I need a piece of peace right now!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I am totally in that peaceful place today!!! Thinking of how wonderful my life is and how wonderful God is....and of course our adoption of Joanna today has been amazing :) too

Holly said...

Oh yeah...those are the best kind of days! Today was kind of like that for us too. It was warm and rainy here. More like spring, and it felt so nice to have our back door open this time of year. Tomorrow it starts to get cold again though. So happy for you and your wonderful day!