Monday, November 8, 2010

Simple fun, Simple joy, Simple pleasures!

We are getting our yard all ready for winter. Our fire pit was filled with sticks.
We decided to have a bonfire before some little critters decided to make their winter home in our fire pit!

It was one of those days where Mom and Dad were getting things done and ... well... the kids were a bit bored!

BUT, once again Mom and Dad rose to the occasion and saved the day!
They loved burning all the stick and hunting for more in the yard!
We suddenly became the most fun parents in the world!

We were so surprised with what they found in our yard! They loved searching for more stick and twigs!

Then it was time to rest!

There was a chill in the air so Ellie warmed her hands from the fire!

In this pic I'm not so sure which one was telling the other one not to go too close to the fire?

They found more than twigs and stick they found humungo branches!! (and yes I do know that humungo is not a word)

This is what I love most about these dear children- even the most simple activities are joyful and fun!

The doggies LOVE Sarah! She feeds them every day at 3:00!

Simple fun, Simple joy, Simple pleasures!

If ya don't mind me sayin so- here are a few of the cutest little treasures west of the Mississippi!


Holly said...

And just think...all three of those treasures sitting on that bench know what it means to have a family now. God's greatest gift of all. : )

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Definitely- but where are the marshmallows???

Wright Family said...

I have never pictured you west of the Mississippi...I have always thought vaguely Northeast..(my geography can be really vague)Where ARE you?.....Catherine

Sally-Girl! said...

Excuse me but MINE are the cutest little treasures west of the Mississippi! Yours are the cutest North of the Mississippi!!!! Maybe you just are trying to pick a powwow with me so I have to come out to the North to set things straight in person!!!

Adorable as is their mama, my BBFF!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

They are so darling! Looks like a fun family time. Thanks for sharing.

Janet and gang
(who happens to have very cute treasures east of the Mississippi!)
Just think - all those adorable treasures all over our great country!!

Laura L. said...

Looks like lots of fun! Cute photos of the girls. I agree with the above post...bring on the marshmallows. That's what Jadyn would be asking too. :)
Simple pleasures are the best, aren't they? Don't cost a thing and oh so fun.

We have more wood over here than we know what to do with and we need to have lots of fires this winter. I'm looking forward to the coziness of fires with the snow outside.

Updated by Lila Huggins (grandmother) said...

I wholeheartedly agree!!!!

Miss Lila

Sue said...

Great pictures...bonfires are always a hit with the kids, but you definately have a lot more sticks available then we do, so our fires don't get as big as yours.
The last picture is priceless.

Susan A said...

beautiful photos of your children, thank you for sharing :)

Sarah said...

They are definitely cute...and definitely treasures. David loves building a fire for the kids! I think that he might even enjoy it more than they do (although they really like it too!).