Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Thankful Thanksgiving!

The girls love to help out and they do a great job!

The Turkey was a big hit! Of course there are always miscommunications about this. They thought we were going to bring an alive turkey home and kill it, prepare it and enjoy it- all right here at home. 

They said  "No Thanksgiving in China". They are liking America a lot- so far Halloween and Thanksgiving have been a success! I don't think they celebrated many of the Chinese holidays. We read lots of Thanksgiving books and talked about what we were thankful for to prepare them. They were very excited for the feast and the beast!

It has been a long time since Hubby and I had Thanksgiving at home. In the morning we almost forgot to put the turkey in! We had to call my SIL for directions on what to do and google turkey! Despite the cooks- everything turned out great!! I should have gotten a pic at the dinner table- oh well, next year!

Katie and Devan brought the corn bread and made honey butter. Sarah and Jason (their friends) brought the sweet potatoes with marshmellows! They were both delicious!

There was a lot of football watching going on! That made the guys very happy!

Every holiday is a new adventure for us, because each year we have someone new home! The girls played upstairs at first and then ventured down to socialize. I think they really enjoyed having people over and seeing all the cooking going on. It was very festive!

We missed having Matt, Caitlin and Mark home but Devan and Jason did a good job filling in!

The girls (okay, and Johnny too) had kitty cocktails for a special treat- no milk this evening!

I tried to upload more pics but blogspot would not let me?? Not sure why?? I have never had them limit my pics before? Hmmm? Is this something new?

I think this may be a New Tradition! Thanksgiving at our home!


Angie said...

Ha! You didn't take out your own turkey?? Our Amarin wanted to know where the turkey's head was...ummmm...not here, buddy. Mine comes headless. As for cooking the turkey, I LOVE the turkey bags...3 hours and done!! And next year you'll have more blessings home with you!

Sally-Girl! said...

Friend, I am so glad it turned out just as you wanted and hoped for!!! I bet you guys had a great time. Thinking of you in California!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Happy Thanksgiving (a little late). So fun to see the smiles on the faces! :)

Lori said...

Wow, looks like you had a ton of fun!! And I love that you had to google turkey. You are so darn young and inexperienced. LOL!

And no mention of green bean casserole. Hmmmm.

Serving the King said...

Well check you out! For someone who hasn't cooked a turkey in awhile you sure faked it well! For next year I have two words for ya: Deep. Fry. Yummers! Happy 1st Thanksgiving to your sweeties! Can't wait to say the same thing to your new cuties next year!

Karin said...

Such great photos!! Looks like you had a wonderful day celebrating.

Janet and Kevin said...

Dinner looks yummy! We had a yummy dinner, too, eating with the family at my mother-in-law's. My mom also joined us. First Thanksgiving without my Dad was a little tough, but we had a sweet day and that helped.

Our littlest ones are also enjoying all of the American holidays. We are putting up Christmas lights today, and Philip can hardly wait! Elijah is mesmorized by all the Christmas displays in the stores - too cute! I can only imagine how fun your home is for your new little daughters during this holiday season! How exciting!!

Holiday hugs from our family to yours,
Janet and gang

Laura L. said...

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. We did too. Great pictures.
I think I only took one photo that day at our house. Nice.

See you soon. ~~L.