Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NOW, were having fun!

We took the girls to a movie last weekend! Even Johnny joined us! 

It was there first movie at a movie theater! We loved it, they liked it!
We saw MegaMind- it actually had some redeeming story lines in it. Ultimately good wins over evil!

Emma did a lot of repositioning in the movie. I am sure the chair in front was kicked often and the people in back of us got wapped by a jacket one or two times! Ellie may have taken a nap and Anna hid on Dad and Johnny's lap... I guess that leaves me and Sarah! 

We enjoyed the movie ;-)

Then we went home to Turkey left overs! Ellie was promised the turkey leg and Emma the wing!

They were so excited! I mean, like really excited!
Movie? What movie??

Believe me - a slice of turkey was not what they wanted! The leg! The wing!

Now, your talkin!!

We decided not to take before and after pics...

(of the leg and wing, that is...)

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Adeye said...

Precious family memories being made--there is not much sweeter, friend.

The girls look so WONDERFUL!