Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Party!

We had our Families with Children from China Christmas Party last weekend! It was a blast! We are getting bigger and having more fun every time we meet!! I am so excited that new families and children are joining us! Thank you Jesus!

We had a coloring table and a craft table!!

I'm not sure if you recognize this little cutie on the right but to me she is a rock star!
I followed her Momma's journey through the paperwork process and to China and back!
 Her name is Khloe and she was from New Day foster home in Beijing!
However, NOW she is from Minnesota in the good ole USA!! WooHoo!!

Anna and Khloe hit it off immediately! It was as cute as can be. They held hands and played- instant bonding! If I had a better camera I would have taken more pics! They were so cute!

Here are most of the kids that joined us! We have only one little boy- Jacob(far right), in this pic- we need more boys!! 

Hang in there Jacob, Sam will be home this spring!

There was a huge maze for the children to play in after dinner!

This is Tanya (Khloe's Mom) from Acorns and Cherry Blossoms!

This was the first time she has been able to join us! We are so happy they could come to our gathering!!

We had a blast!

If you live anywhere nearby be sure to let me know!!

I love getting together with this group. They are so supportive and fun! Oh, yes the kids had fun too! Thank goodness the Dads were their to watch them because the Mom's were too busy talking and having a gift exchange!!  


Adeye said...

What a huge group of kids.....so wonderful!

Sophie said...

That is lotsa kiddos!! I'm sure the girls enjoyed every moment.

Dr. D said...

How cool. Yes, I think the Moms have as much fun as the kids at these kinds of get-togethers. Definitely need dads on hand to supervise so the moms can "play". :-)

quilt-n-mama said...

Looks like you had a great time. How fun to see Anna and Khloe and for you all to get to meet. I followed their journey as well!

Difference2This1 said...

What a blessing to have this group!!! God bless, Jennifer

TanyaLea said...

Awhhh, I was thinking you might do a post about this... you are so much more 'on top of things' than I am with blogging these days. So cute, I'd love to see the photos you got. I have a few really adorable ones, too. Hopefully I get a belated post up of my own. I thoroughly enjoyed finally meeting you in person (aweful photo of me... but you look great!) and it was SO fun to see Anna and Khloe his it off and holding hands as they played. Just precious. Seeing you and your beautiful family in person, brought the blog world to life for me. We look forward to attending more get-togethers in the future! Thanks for the invite!! :) And I agree, we need more 'boys' in that photo... next year!!! :)

Have a blessed Christmas, Jean!! <><

~ Tanya

Hunan Mommy said...

What a small world we live in:-) I follow Tanya's blog, and I know she has followed mine. We are another Midwest family. Have so enjoyed following your journey.