Monday, December 20, 2010

New Traditions!

We have decided to start some new traditions now that our family is growing so large and some of the older kids live in different States.

We have moved our extended Christmas gathering to the Sunday before Christmas. It seemed to work well for everyone and was more relaxed than usual- which I loved! 

I was so fun to see everyone! It has been almost a year since we have all gotten together. Cousin Annie, Matt and Caitlin were unable to be there but they both will be home for the individual family Christmas's! This was the first time Emma and Ellie got to meet their new cousins!

Auntie Barb and Katie love photography!
Maybe I can learn something from them!

I love how comfortable our littles are with the bigs!! Warms my heart!!

The boys loved talking sports and watching football! We missed big bro Matt. Cousin Alex enjoys seeing his cousins!

This is my brother and his family! They missing cousin Annie, wish she could have joined us.

Here we are!
We told Devan(far right) we were going to super impose Matt's face onto Devan's body!
Just Kidding!

Here is who we really are!!

My brother, sister and myself. 

We have trying to put Jesus as the focus of the season and get rid of the stress. I think we are moving in the right direction- but we still have a long way to go! 


Lori said...

Looks like tons of fun!

Oh and I love Johnny's sweater! Not sure I've ever seen a teenage boy be so festive! Love it!

Adeye said...

What a beautiful family you have, friend. Sooooooo blessed!

Karin said...

Such wonderful family photos! Looks like some happy memories were made. Congrats on your LOA's!!! So awesome that they came so quickly. Just looking at your next two sweethearts puts a smile on my face. :)

Sally-Girl! said...

Yes, we are off to new traditions as well. Love your Sunday before idea! May steal that one!!!

TanyaLea said...

BEAUTIFUL photos. I love how comfortable and homey all these photos feel! :) Just a bummer that Matt wasn't able to be there for that complete family photo... guess he's waiting until next year when the newest 'littles' are home!!

God bless and Merry Christmas! <><

Pam said...

Looks like such fun! And the little girls are all so beautiful in their Hanna attire!