Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Special Delivery!

Guess who came to our house this week! 
There was a knock at the door and a ring of the bell and what to wondering eye should appear but

Ole St. Nick!

The girls ran to answer the door and they screamed with delight!
It was loud, very loud!
They didn't even let the poor guy in!

By the time I got to the door he was just about ready to leave! I knew I had to get a pic of him with the kids!

After all, how often does the mailman come to our door dressed like Santa Claus!

I have told the girls countless times, Santa is not real but he really confused them! They started asking all over again and again and again! Nothing happens just once in our house!

Thanks mailman John! I think he had as much fun as the girls did!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

That is fun :)

Sarah said...

Very fun!

Dr. D said...

How funny it would be if our little mail lady dressed up like that! :-D

God's Grace said...

Gosh that sounds like so much fun!!!! I wish we had a mailman John :) was everyones mail late that day?...hehe Terry

quilt-n-mama said...

That's awesome... St. Nick visited our house is the early morning hours sometime Sunday night/Monday morning. He left many little sweet treats in the shoes left out for him as we celebrated St. Nicholas Day:)

Lori said...

That's so fun!

The other day Lucy was arguing with her big brothers that Santa is NOT real...but they were insistent that he IS.

Oh my. Things are never normal in our house, I'm tellin' ya!

ourchinagirls said...

As my kids get older I am afraid that they will discover that Santa is not real. (They know that the Santa's we see at the mall and places are Santa's helpers because he can't be everywhere.) Right now I love to see their faces full of wonder and delight and hear their happy squeals when they find that Santa has delievered their presents Christmas morning. We also have our "Elf on a shelf" that reports to Santa every night. And we have a great time baking cookies so that we can leave milk and cookies out for Santa's snack.

I am curious why you tell them Santa is not real?

Miller Moments said...

How fun is that!!!! I wish he'd come to our house. My boys would be delighted!