Thursday, January 13, 2011

2, 4, 6, ?

I am so grateful to God for guiding us in this direction! I can't help but think all that we would have missed out on if we hadn't heard his call. And the children- well they would have missed out on a lot, too!

These children are so joyful! We hear them in the next room, at the pool or at the park. They laugh and play all day!
We get to see them grow in their skills, their confidence and in their comfort level. Each day accomplishing more than the day before. The goals are small but the progress is consistent!

We feel very blessed that the chemistry is working out so well. We are excited for Ava and Sam to be in the mix. I am hopeful that they will fit in nicely, too.

If we wouldn't have taken the chance we would have missed out on so much.

Then I think if it is working with 4 why wouldn't it work with 6! If it is working with 6 I'm sure it will work fine with 8. What is the difference? 

God is so good!

On another note:
I can't imagine sending Sam pics of a girls room and announcing to him that this flowery thing will be his room soooo we are going to have the boys room all set him for him with his clothes and give him the option of sleeping in the girls room with a spiderman quilt or sleeping in the boy room or with Mom and Dad.

Johnny was our dose of reality. He said "Your gonna make him do what? Sleep with how many girls in the room?"

I do think it will be fine BUT I feel more comfortable with options for our little guy!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

That is exactly my point.....after a might as well have more :) !!!!! Can't wait until you 2 treasures are able to join you too!!! Well, being the only boy- I bet he will be lonely and want to sleep there isn't like he is a teen yet :)

Future Mama said...

Haha! Fun post. At this point, starting with one adoption is all I think we can handle, but it will be interesting to see where the Lord leads us....

Much love,
Future Mama

Dr. D said...

I'm with Johnny. :-D Even if Sam decides to sleep in the girls' room, he still has his boy space.

The girls look so happy in the pics. Wow! What fun!

Janet and Kevin said...

Having a housefull of boys, I agree with Johnny. Then Sam can choose his place. Good thought!

Your posts over this subject make me chuckle! You guys are a hoot!

Janet and gang

kippi said...

At this point I doubt that Sam has huge optinions about what is girly or for boys. But I could be wrong. I just keep thinking of a picture of Adyn from the orphanage with this huge pink coat on! What were they thinking? I'm sure he didn't care-hey they were going outside and that was all that mattered. :)
Love the posts.

Jodi said...

I can hear your girls giggle through these pictures! We are going to have a girls giggly weekend at our house - no boys around today! I'm sure the neighbors will be calling asking us to quiet down! :) Love it! Yes, to be able to give to our children the simplicity of laughter! Thank God!

Tammy said...

Good! I have 8 year old twins & my son wouldn't have liked all the girly stuff either! lol I think he will be fine by having his own room but actually bunking in with the girls when it comes time to sleep.
As for everyone saying, "Oh, privacy isn't an issue yet." It is with my two @ 8 year olds. Especially my daughter. She very firmly closes her door when changing clothes. To each his own though!I was just voicing an opinion based on our experience.

Sally-Girl! said...

This is the exact conversation that Robert and I had on the way to the airport yesterday. What blessings our kids are to us and what we would have missed out on had we not adopted them!!!

Oh our hearts beat the same friend!!!

Adeye said...

I agree, friend, once you have more than 4 kids, well, you might as well just keep going. Life is upside down and crazy anyway, so why not? :)

LOVE all the happy pics. So wonderful to see how the girlies are blossoming.

Debbie said...

I have an idea for you. What about asking if any of your four girls would like to share a room with Ava and Sam. One of them might surprise you and be up for the adventure. You could make the new room a little less girly, more neutral, for the time being. Just a thought.

Anita said...

You inspire me, Jean! Really!! I'm hoping I can handle 2 at once again and here you are with 4 going on 6! Of course, maybe if our house had more space to it...just one small living room with 2 kids and no play rooms for them....well you get the idea. ;) LOVE the picture of the girls together. They are gorgeous!