Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alligators, Tigers and Donkeys, OH MY!

We have once again escaped the cold of the north! It's not exactly warm here but I am not complaining! AT ALL! Thankful to have this time together before heading to China.

Since it was not a swimming pool day we went to see the alligators! The kids were mazed at those very scary creatures that come in all sizes. They kept asking "eat me?, Yep! Eat me??? Yep, they will!! Hey, no reason to sugar coat it!

They must be from the dinosaur era! What an unusual creature!
The place wasn't exactly high in cleanliness and upkeep- I felt kind of bad for the animals there.
These animals otherwise do not have any other place to go and if were released to the wild would die immediately (they paid me to say that)...

A little show!

Obviously, not everyone enjoyed it!

Hubby holding an alligator! That's all the closer the girls would get!

So sweet hubby moved the alligator closer to them! What a guy!

Even I was brave enough to hold it!

See girls, you can trust your Momma!!

They had two beautiful siberian tigers!

This is Daisy!

Daisy kept staring at the girls... I think she liked them! 

Either for Lunch or...

to play with!

Or both!

 Boris and Daisy together. They are hoping for baby siberian tigers. Look at Boris giving Daisy the evil eye! Tonight must be the night... I think she has a headache! 

As the day went on it got colder, cloudier  and more windy. Again, I'm not complaining, It's -1 at home!

We ran into a lot of happy faces there... NOT!

 The welcome committee!

Even the donkey was cranky! He told Sarah a thing or two when she went to visit him!

Is that a mule or a donkey?

And folks, that concludes our wildlife adventure!

All the girls loved our little outing! It doesn't take much to make this family happy! Of course ice cream on the way home ended our adventure on a high note!


Dr. D said...

I love the photos of the girls with their Dad holding the gator. Too cute!! :-)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love the photos, from your last entry too!!! Love photoshopping them in :)

TanyaLea said...

How is it that I seen you just one week ago in the snowy, frigid temps of MN and there you are again, enjoying a break from it all!?! ...can you package it up and bring some of that weather HOME with you?! I'll take whatever I can get!! ;)

Oh the adventures your family embarks on... you're so blessed!! :) And I, for one, LOVE living vicariously through you! GREAT photos, and your hubby teasing the girls like that(Martin would've done the SAME thing!)... such a BOY thing to do! ;) LOL!!

Love all you girlies in your matching PINK!! :)